Dreaming Big with Benny D Williams

Never one to dream small, Gold Coast soulman Benny D Williams planned to release a single every month this year. It didn’t quite work out the way he’d expected.

“I’ve got like three that I want to release over the next month but it’s just a timing thing,” he tells us.

“There’s no point rushing it, they need to be done right. I didn’t see the point in forcing things out for the sake of getting something out every month.”

January this year saw Benny release ‘Blue’, a “weirdo, psych-drenched, trip-hop number” according to the man himself. In February, fans were treated to ‘Free Falling’, a stompin’ twelve-string blues track, while March saw the release of the laid back acoustic ‘Way To Burn’. No one could accuse Benny of getting boring, at least.

“Variety is the spice of life,” says Benny.

“I like a heap of different styles of music so I make different styles of music based on the heart in the moment. I feel confined and rigid within a specific genre.”

It may have been a long five month wait for eager fans, but now Benny D is set to release his fourth track this year, ‘Sambalese’. And, of course, it’s from a different genre entirely to the other three.

“It’s a fast spitting Afro rap with a catchy backbeat that gets the hips swinging and the smiles brimming,” Benny describes.

“It’s one of my most popular songs from my live set that I just had to bust out on the airwaves for general consumption. There’s flavours of dancehall dub, crazy delay, wild synths and tribal harmonies that’s road tested and proven to make you boogie with a ridiculously fast vocal delivery straight outta 80s Bronx.”

We can’t wait.

Benny will be releasing ‘Sambalese’ on 28 September to coincide with his daughter’s birthday, and following up with an east coast tour throughout October and November. In the meantime, you can get your BDW fix on Spotify, or live at the Coolangatta Sands on 3 September, 9 September on the SWELL Sounds stage, or The Avenue on 10 September.

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