Dub days at NightQuarter

Salmonella Dub are so much more than just a reggae band. They’re known for pushing boundaries. They’ve taken a solid reggae foundation and added cross-genre sound to create something all their own.

That means drum and bass, trance, dub, dubstep and even collaborations with people like the New Zealand Orchestra all get a look in.

That said, creativity and driving bass are the hallmarks of Salmonella Dub who are, without a doubt, one of New Zealand’s most successful and most gnarly bands.

And this weekend, they’re heading to the Gold Coast – with a full band – bringing energy and dub vibes to NightQuarter’s Paddock.

What makes this show even more interesting is that controversial Gold Coast duo Switchkraft will be supporting Salmonella Dub.

Known for pushing boundaries the pair are irreverent and enjoy the fact they can do what they please with their music. They both work on other music projects which require them to be a little more in check.

Carey O’Sullivan told us that Switchkraft is as much a visual project as it is an audio one.

“I think both of us have always had an interest in electro music and progression of sound creation through technology,” Carey said of he and his partner in musical crime – Freddy Holler.

“Seeing electronic music as a whole take a dive of late – all the funk’s gone, man – we thought we both had a lot of stuff on our computers that we wanted to expand upon. It was a good opprtunity to create good things and bring back the stuff that’s missing from electronic music… from when we loved it when we were teenagers.”

The pair said Switchkraft gives them the opportunity to do something where the rules are fluid. Carey’s work with Tijuana Cartel and Freddy’s regular DJ clients have expectations attached.

“We just wanted to do something where there are no rules and no limits,” Freddy explained. “We can make whatever the hell we want and it doesn’t matter.”

Salmonella Dub + Switchkraft at NightQuarter, 21 October.

Switchkraft has been slowly gaining a fanbase while flying under the radar. The pair performed Emerge Creative Conference in WA – an audiovisual festival covering all sorts of media that saw them play in a 100-year-old winery. And also in WA they played Blazing Swan Festival – Australia’s answer to Burning Man – which runs for seven days next to a big salt lake in the West Australian desert.

And now they can add supporting New Zealand’s biggest reggae / dub outfit to that list of accolades.

Salmonella Dub + Switchkraft are at NightQuarter on Friday 21 October. Tickets at nightquarter.com/whats-on.



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