DVNA joins Falcona Agency

Gold Coast producer, singer and songwriter DVNA has been rewarded for continued musical growth by being recently signed to Falcona Agency.

After catching the agencies eye with some standout performances at BIGSOUND earlier this year, including a spot on the Gold Coast Music Showcase, DVNA (Dana) is now looking forward to the future with renewed vigour.

“I’m very excited,” she gushed, “It’s been crazy. I’ve always known about Falcona because they book some of my favourite artists so they have always been one of my goals as a booking agent. Finally being under their banner is insane.”

Falcona has established stars Alison Wonderland, Hayden James, The Presets, GRAACE and Running Touch on their roster, with DVNA admitting that as a young artist joining forces with such a network means her dream of moving forward in the music industry are closer to becoming reality.

“Aside from being in the same stable as people like that, it also means that I’ll be able to get in front of bigger audiences,” she said, “It will also help get the gigs I really want like the bigger festivals and tour support slots for some of my favourite artists.”

Despite the potential for agents to scout events such as BIGSOUND for upcoming talent, DVNA says she was unaware Falcona were scrutinising her performance with a view to the future.

“I didn’t,” she affirmed. “I had a few meetings with other booking agents around BIGSOUND but I had no idea Falcona were there. When my manager told me that they were interested and that they were going to come see me in Sydney I was a little bit nervous but also very excited and very appreciative.”

Although things have ramped up for DVNA in the last couple of years, she insists it has by no means been a quick and easy progression.

“I had a whole other music life before I started this project,” she said. “I was originally just singing and songwriting with a guitar and then I got into producing… it’s taken years. You’ve got to work hard and you have to stay consistent and persistent and persist so it hasn’t been a quick thing at all.”

Although rising to prominence on the back of her three singles, ‘Girl on the Move’, ‘Looking Like a Snack’ and ‘Sushi in Tokyo’, DVNA is quick to point out that there is a whole lot more to her musical psyche yet to be publicly exhibited.

“Yes and no,” she replied when asked if those songs were a good representation of her as an artist. “I think it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Those songs are quite boppy and shiny and shimmery and dancy but there’s a heap of different sides to me. I like to strip it back and just have an acoustic or electric guitar and I also love house music so they are just a little bit of what I have to offer.”

With an EP on the cards for next year, DVNA is preparing to showcase that different side, declaring that her three songs released are unlikely to feature on the recording.

“It will mainly be new material,” she nodded. “I think those songs have had their life – or they’re having their life now – and I’d love to get my other stuff out there. I’m going to go for another side rather than keep it the same. I want to still have the upbeat, boppy tracks but I also want to calm it down a little bit and get a little bit more raw and intimate with my audience.”

With signing to an agency comes the inevitable extra workload, but DVNA says she is not only prepared for it, but is also looking forward to the challenge.

“Before I signed with Falcona they were super proactive and had already sent me a whole plan of next year,” she said. “Seeing that made me realise that they are super switched on, and on top of it and are really taking the time to plan this project.”

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IMAGE: DVNA performing at Gold Coast Showcase at BIGSOUND (c) NJA Photography

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