Earth Frequency’s 10-year milestone

It’s been ten years since Paul Abad launched Earth Frequency Festival, but it’s only been one year since our editor Samantha Morris touched base with him.. 2015 will see the event in its second year at Ivory’s Rock, a move Paul says is very much what the festival needed.

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“Ivory’s Rock is one of the best setup festival venues I have seen and it feels like home already,” he said. “There’s always a lot of work involved in moving venues, but things went quite well this year and we are now refining the layout for 2015 based on how it all went.  Hopefully this will be our permanent home from here on in.”

I find it hard to move house, I can’t imagine moving a whole festival set-up and I’m curious as to whether they got it right last year. I pose the question to Paul.

“We are redoing the site layout for a better approach to camping, and a few changes to stage locations.  It’s amazing how many things there are to consider when doing a festival layout, a big web of inter-dependancies, but it’s shaping up great, i think everyone will be impressed,” he said.

Paul says that this year’s event saw the Festival hit the numbers they expected and that people from the local area loved it and the vibe of the people who came along.

But as usual, one event closes another one is in the wings straight away.

“Because EFF started as a small community based event, we have worked really hard to keep that special vibe, to manage our growth carefully, and not just go massive too quickly,” he said when asked about next year’s event. But he quickly rattles off some of the highlights of the program.

“The Opiuo Band and Beats Antique,” he says, “both are acts who blur the line between a live band and electronic music, who make futuristic live vibes, and I think they will have a massive showing for their sets.”

“Also really looking forward to Desert Dwellers, Dub FX and Perfect Stranger.”

“It’s been a slow growing project which is really finding its feet now, and that means we have a lot of returning audience year to year, a real community vibe and the feeling of being welcomed in to big extended family, not just in a field of strangers,” Paul says about his vision for the event.

“We also seem to get a very diverse audience, from hippies to city folk, young and old, live music and electronic music fans .. it’s a big melting pot of different vibes and cultural backgrounds, but we like that.”

And then it’s back to reeling off highlights in the 2015 program.

“Regular favourites Kingfisha and Spoonbill are always a highlight for me, and Spoonbill is bringing a full performance stage show for our 10th anniversary show – expect a lot of costumes and shenanigans!”

“First time bookings for us include Combat Wombat, Tijuana Cartel (pictured), Dub FX and Dose. I think they will all be stand out sets.”

“We have our biggest performance lineup this year with a wide range of fire shows, roving performers and feature stage shows.  Also very happy to have the amazing artist Damon Soule out from the USA to do live painting – his stuff is incredible,” Paul said.

Earth Frequency Festival has always set itself apart from the ‘usual’ festival scene by trying to create a community of participants rather than a field of punters. And Paul is quick to acknowledge that his event has been a decade-long effort at building that community, with many people contributing and supporting his vision.

“A massive shout out to everyone who has supported the festival over the past decade – whether its as a guest, a volunteer, a worker, a musician … whatever,” he said. “Thank you for being part of it, thanks for supporting the journey this event and this community have gone through, and here’s to the next ten years.”

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Earth Frequency Festival
12 – 16 February 2015
Ivory’s Rock |






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