Ecca Vandal + Midas.Gold + Danger Penny: Live Gallery and Review | Miami Shark Bar | Thursday 14 November 2017

Thursday night’s Ecca Vandal gig has the potential to be one of those gigs. You know the ones that when the band is selling out major venues, you can brag that you saw them in an intimate venue with just a few crew? Like those who can brag about seeing Nirvana at Fisho’s, the punters who showed the love on Thursday night can say they saw Ecca at the Shark Bar.

While the gig was intimate there was no stopping the powerful energy of Ecca Vandal. All the qualities of a true artist and exciting performer were on full display. Ecca is a bit of a shape shifter, a slight Salt n Pepper-esque vibe with ‘Your Orbit’ incongruous with her Frenzal Rhomb t-shirt and Dickies skate pants. The contrast deepened with the hard rocker edge for ‘Battle Royal’. It is with the more punk, the harder songs that Ecca seemed to thrive and the crowd and her band did too. ‘Price of Living’ was electric, as Ecca says it was one of her favourites, and the guys in the band did a fantastic job of keeping up with her. There was no encore, just a full on ‘Broke Days, Party Nights’ to send people off in hyper mode. Despite the small crowd there was nothing held back from the performance, high energy and just totally revelling in the moment. Ecca Vandal is keeping the flame alive for kick arse live Australian music.

IMAGES (c) Lamp Photography

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