Ed Kowalczyk and the return of Live

It’s hard to listen to a Live song and not get lost in the soulful voice and powerful lyrics of enigmatic frontman Ed Kowalczyk. After the 1990’s grunge era that gave us raw guitars and lyricists that sounded like they had a mouth full of gravel, it left our generation with our senses awakened and ready to refine our musical tastes, some moved to a love of heavy metal, others however, swayed to the world of Britpop. Either way, we became immersed in bands that would further shape our musical tastes for the future. 

Live is a band that was never to be taken lightly, from their hard hitting lyrics, to their film clips that pushed boundaries that really made you think. Live has always been a band that puts absolutely everything into their music, and even more so their live shows. Talking with Kowalczyk, you can easily hear the excitement in his voice in regards to old acquaintances and the Australian leg of their upcoming world tour, stating “We are better than ever, reinvigorated and ready to perform some monster shows”.

After parting ways with the band in 2009 after performing together for 20 + years, Kowalczyk has rejoined his former band mates and says it feels better than it ever did.

“Like riding a bike, but a brand new, old bike” he laughs to himself. “The chemistry between us and the familiarity with being on stage with them once more has left us all pleasantly surprised”. You can’t help but be a little excited with how this reunion has manifested itself after their surprise New Year’s Eve performance.

The powerful music that Live has brought us over the years, has inspired many people and helped a lot of people to cope in tough situations, hearing of these personal triumphs has in turn inspired Kowalczyk to put more into his live performances, driving him to give the fans what they truly deserve. In this digital age of so many different social media platforms he expresses great joy in hearing how his music has benefitted others.

“It really never gets old hearing those stories, it can’t help but inspire you to just keep going,” he proclaims with great enthusiasm.

“It’s like raising your children, you put every emotion into it, nurture it, grow with it and then release it into the world and hope it has a profound positive effect on someone, somewhere”.

Leaving a lot of the interpretation open to the listener, Kowalczyk never sets out to write a song about a specific subject, instead leaving it open for the individual. It’s easy to see why Live has such a devoted fan base and why so many people feel such an emotional connection to their music. Even 20 years later, their music continues to strike a chord with new listeners.

In regards to their upcoming tour, Live knows what to give their fans.

“We know what our fans want, and there’s songs that people would get angry if we didn’t play”.

Giving their fans a variety of Live brilliance spanning their extensive career, they also know that we’re all keen to see if they have any new material in the works with Kowalczyk adding:

“We have a cover or two that we love to play and a new song that we’re hoping to slot into the set”.

Kowalczyk doesn’t shy away from a very definite “Yes” when asked if there is a new album in the pipeline.

“We’re getting a great feeling of chemistry and creativity being back together again after so many years apart, so the creative flow has definitely returned strongly.”

With the upcoming tour being very work driven with not a lot of downtime, they are eager to get back in the studio and see what the road offers them in inspiration. It feels like the Live faithful have an exciting couple of years approaching with the band showing a renewed love of touring and creativity reinvigorated.

Live play Brisbane’s Riverstage on 15 of November with supports Lifehouse and The Calling in what is sure to be one hell of a triple bill. Tickets are still available through ticketmaster.com.au

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