Ed Kuepper, solo and by request | Soundlounge Currumbin

Friday 11 October

Having returned from overseas guitar-slinging duties with Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds, Oz-rock royalty Ed Kuepper is currently embarking on a ‘solo by request’ tour of the country, and tonight we find him holding court amongst an enthralled throng of Friday night punters at the Currumbin Soundlounge.

Closing in on his fourth decade in the music game (yep The Saints began way way back in 1974), the man has a wealth of stellar and varied material to call upon and tonight he traverses far and wide across his entire body of work.

The largely seated crowd remain attentive throughout proceedings, and the fact that he alone can hold the room enthralled for close to 3 hours without a break and armed with just voice, guitar and a stompbox is testament to both the quality and consistency of his song writing, as well as the full bodied, expressive tones he elicits from the array of guitars by his side. Tracks such as La Di Doh are fleshed out with long, meditative jams, allowing the depth and range of his guitar playing technique to resonate richly throughout the room. Highlights abound, with Honey Steel’s Gold tracks such as King of Vice and The Way I Made You Feel going down particularly well.

Ed is in jovial spirits throughout, remarking more than once on the uniqueness of a few of the varied requests thrown his way, such as the wordily wondrous Maria Peripatetica. A few bars of early Saints single Lipstick on Your Collar are tossed out irreverently, while classic Saints tracks such as Know Your Product, Swing For The Crime and Kissing Cousins are delivered in-full and with the vigour and attitude of their original incantations.

It was a privilege to hear the transcendental Eternally Yours, from his Laughing Clowns days, which delivered tingles even without the epic, stately saxophone accompaniment of the original.

Even the obligatory crowd sing-along elicited during Everything I’ve Got Belongs To You, a potentially mawkish moment in lesser hands, is a crowd affirming triumph as the night draws to a close.

Over two and a half hours later and we’re done…well almost, as Ed heads to the merchandise stand where a long queue of buzzing 40 something’s are lined up to pay their respects with words and wallets.

A triumph from an under-stated showman and true master of his craft – thanks Ed!

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