Electric dreams

Formed on the Gold Coast and now based in Brisbane, four-piece Electric Zebra have been honing their live show as well as their recorded offerings since 2014.  And 2017 was kind to the band. As well as support slots for Horror My Friend and Screamfeeder and sets at Shakafest and Valley Fiesta the band has released their second single of the year, full of guitar riffs that waver between jangly and fuzzy.

Keelan Sanders told Samantha Morris that ‘Serpico’ reached audiences beyond Australia, without any PR support.

“We got a nice message from a band in Spain called Mad Maniacs… so it was cool to know that we’d reached people in other countries,” he said.

One of the reasons Electric Zebra has evolved its sound this year is because they embarked on a small tour – heading to Sydney and Melbourne for the first time. 

Touring is by far the best part of being in a band, but we only figured that out this year,” he said. “It’s definitely given us a fresh perspective.”

“As soon as we finished our last tour, I started booking one for ‘Serpico’, and now we’re pumped to be going to Adelaide.”

“We’re not a big band by any means so visiting other cities seems to bring out smaller but slightly more invested crowds,” Keelan said.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Keelan said, Electric Zebra had also gained benefit from sharing the stage with other awesome acts as well as internal dynamics. 

“Touring is also a great way to test the friendships within the band – at the end it feels like everyone made it through, and that attests to some kind of strength in a band, or any kind of relationship really.”

And what does 2018 hold for EZ? 

2017 was great in that, like every year, we screwed up a lot but we learned from all of it,” Keelan said.  “The main aim in 2018 is to apply that experience to have an even better year. We want to do a bigger tour and hit some regional places, we want to support more great acts, play more festivals, meet more people, and put out more music! It’s been almost two years since our first EP came out, so we’re keen to finish up a new batch of songs and hopefully put out something we’re proud of. “ 

Electric Zebra’s new single ‘Serpico’ is out now.

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