Electric Horse: Riders of the Rockpocalypse

Rising from the ashes of local heavy hitters Sunk Loto, Lump and King Mungi, the more traditionally hard rocking Electric Horse will be electrifying the stage on Saturday 25 January as part of Australia Day celebrations at Miami Tavern’s Shark Bar. In the interim Anthony Gebhardt fires off a few questions to Electric Horse guitarist (and rather entertaining raconteur) Luke Attrill.

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It seems that the band has been relatively quiet on the touring front for the latter half of 2013. What have you guys been up to music wise over the past few months?

Playing Chisel covers at the tav, teaching up and coming shredders, digging some badass country and getting sleazy with the death jackal. Writing, tracking, engineering and touring the record off our own backs really took it out of us, particularly Dog, who tracked the entire album except the drums. Not to say we didn’t enjoy every minute, but it’s nice to have fun with music and not take any aspect of it too seriously now and then.


Your 2013 debut record Venomous marked a bit of a metamorphosis for the band. How has the record been received by your traditional fanbase and have you noticed yourselves picking up new fans along the way who may not have been into your earlier material?

The five of us individually and collectively have always been intent on making music we love and feel honest about. There were some rave reviews as well as some unhappy metal heads – we’re all proud of our pasts but you gotta be true to yourself in this game. Self satisfaction is paramount, having said that we all still love metal, fire and demons are kick the fuck ass!


Are you primarily focusing on tracks from Venomous in your current live set, or is there fresh new material ready to be unveiled when you hit the stage again shortly?

There’s definitely a heavy focus on the Venomous tracks, they’re a blast to play live! But yes we may throw in a number or two that haven’t had stage time yet, we’ll see what happens…


How do you perceive the current state of the Gold Coast live music scene? Are you inspired by any up and coming local rock acts?

There’s a scene!? Haha it’s not as bad as it may seem from the outside, sure there’s only a handful of venues to play but some towns only have one. The musicians here are all close knit and aware that they’ve gotta make a mountain out of an anthill when it comes to promoting and getting people to a show. It’s a rad place to live, you just gotta be creative and think laterally to get the best reward for all the hours you put into your craft.


What is your favourite live music venue on the Gold Coast, both past and present?

I grew up playing The Troccadero fortnightly – well it felt that way at least! Great venue, top staff and they really carried on the culture of the old Playroom (both sadly departed Gold Coast live music venues – Ed)

On any given night you could get a solid dose of national and international acts being supported by up and coming local bands. Nowadays the Shark Bar is the only true dirty rock hole left – that’s a compliment! We’re part of the furniture there haha.


Do you think it’s any easier or harder for new Gold Coast bands to gain a foothold in the local live music scene to when you guys first started treading the boards?

A bit of both really, on the one hand there doesn’t seem to be as many music acts on the Gold Coast today, so competition isn’t half as fierce when it comes to scoring gigs. The other side of the coin is that the Australian music industry ain’t the same monster anymore, people don’t buy CDs so much and without as many venues like the Troccadero booking high profile acts the supports you used to get that put you in front of a large crowd are few and far between. Ultimately you have to love playing tunes or you’re gonna be unfulfilled.

Is it a challenge juggling the band with your ‘regular’ family and day job existences?

We’re best mates first and foremost in this band, our rigs and kids included. Family always comes first. If someone can’t do a show or rehearse due to family or work commitments its no biggie. I work three jobs and I still love going to jam because I get to play my strat through a stack with heaps of gain and have a tallie with those four other lovely assholes in the band, so life’s good!


What does Electric Horse have in store for 2014 – any new recordings or exciting tour plans in the works?

We’re starting a reptile farm in Costa Rica. Cory’s got plenty of lizard wrangling experience! But seriously we’ll be writing and recording a new album when everyone’s freed up and ready, I think the time away has ignited the fire in our bellies. Then we’ll tour said album, drink beer, sample breakfast foods Australia wide, kick ass and end it all with a BBQ pool party at Dog’s!

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