Electric Zebra driven by their own ‘Ambition’

A new year for some consists of resolutions but for Electric Zebra, kicking off 2016 means dropping their new five-track EP, Ambition.

The four piece alt-rockers consisting of Keelan Sanders, Adam Sharman, Daniel Lim and Richard Lu, formed in high school three years ago.

Since releasing their first EP, Modern Living towards the end of 2014, Electric Zebra didn’t take a moment to rest as they produced Ambition within three days at Brisbane’s Empire Studios.

“Drums, bass and rhythm guitar were all recorded live in under two days, and then vocals and lead guitar were recorded on day three and we were done,” said Keelan.

“We recorded in a proper studio instead of a basement, with Konstantin Kersting instead of myself and the songs have a more consistent theme this time around too.”

“It was good to work with a professional producer to get another perspective on the songs and to keep us focused.”

The momentum of producing Ambition did not stop in the studio for Electric Zebra, as they had the opportunity to work with California based artist Bret Brown for their album artwork.

“We had debated for a long time what the artwork should be, and even decided to commission a portrait of Matthew Mcconaughey (a sort of continuation from our last EP, which featured Steve Buscemi),” explained Adam.

“That idea fell through for various reasons, and we instead contacted Bret Brown, whose artwork we also really admired and felt fit well with the EP.”

“There’s no real story behind [the artwork], just an appreciation for the surreal design and characters.”

The release of a new EP also called for new photos, with the boys working alongside Luke Henery, an artist much closer to home and happens to be a member from Brisbane band Violent Soho.

“We’d admired his work as a photographer for a while and when it came time for some new press images, he was an obvious choice,” said Adam.

“We spent a day in Brisbane with him, first getting shots at an antiques place in Woolloongabba, before heading out to an old quarry for more, where we all ended up in the water being nibbled by fish, and I lost my glasses.”

Although Electric Zebra may play most of their gigs across the endless pubs, bars and venues of Brisbane, the release of Ambition on February 5 will see them play a show at home on the Gold Coast at Currumbin Creek Tavern.

“We’ll play the new EP in full as well as a couple of new tracks we’ve been working on in the meantime,” Keelan said.

“Richard and Adam will probably end up fighting on the floor, the way a lot of our sets seem to finish.”

As for the rest of 2016, Keelan says they will see where it takes them.

“Hopefully a few shows at some new venues, and eventually it would be nice to head back to the studio for another EP… but we never really know what we’re doing until we do it,” he said.

“For now I’m happy to keep playing Ambition EP until everyone gets sick of it.”

Electric Zebra’s latest EP Ambition will be available from February 5 at www.electriczebra.bandcamp.com.

To see them play their new songs live, make sure to head to Currumbin Creek Tavern the day of its release from 8.00pm.

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The writer Doris Prodanovic and the members of Electric Zebra have a personal relationship.

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