Electrik Lemonade: Zest For Life

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Electrik Lemonade are a band that make the thought of being electrocuted in a vat of fizzy lemon-flavoured soda, kind of fun. Not only are they undoubtedly one of Australia’s best-known party bands, but they are also a talented bunch of fine male musicians. Even talking to three of the main stayers – Galen, Barney and Jake over the phone – their energy and liveliness was so infectious, I started wishing I was in a bar drinking beer with them, rather than sipping tea in my kitchen.

If you’ve never heard of Electrik Lemonade, perhaps it’s best you do your eardrums a favour. Blending funk, disco, blues, hip hop and brass into original songs, the eight piece band are renowned for getting the dance floor heaving. Drawing on influences such as Jamiroquai, Skunkhour and The Cat Empire, the band create hip-shaking, toe-tapping tunes, accessible to all walks of life.

Discussing their latest nation-wide tour, which kicked off in Airlie Beach and finished with four huge shows in Western Australia, Galen said they’d been blown away by the packed-out gigs and frenetic crowds they’d experienced whilst on the road. When asked about tour highlights, all three were adamant it was the gig at the eponymous Night Cat club in Melbourne.

“That was both an amazing gig and night in general,” Galen recalls, with all three chuckling away on the background.

“All of us felt we experienced music at its pinnacle that night.”

“That venue is amazing with a 360 degree stage, a rocking dance floor and oh yeah, it was a full house too. Lets’ just say it set the stage, so to speak, for a debaucherous evening,” he said.

Speaking of debauchery, I mentioned the time the band crashed Brisbane’s BIGSOUND a few years ago. But this year, they’ve actually secured a legitimate twenty-minute showcase.

“Look, it’s a pretty short playing time to try and impress the industry head honchos, but we’re thrilled to have secured a spot this year,” said Barney.

“We pride ourselves on being an authentic, live band, so to be able to bring our unique energy to a set at BIGSOUND, in front of some potentially important people, is, for us, one the highlights of 2018.

“We’ll also be performing one of the singles off our upcoming debut album, which will no doubt be an incredible experience,” he said.

When I asked them about the particular theme and style of their upcoming album, set to be released in early 2019, Galen was quick to point out that with eight members, all playing different instruments and heralding different styles of music, the album was more of a conglomeration and unification of everybody’s individuality, than a single theme.

“We really covered some musical ground in regards to recording this album, I guess you could say it is the best new sound of all our previous stuff,” Galen said.

“We really wanted to create more of an authentic sound, bringing old school styles of funk and soul to the new generation – I know I speak for all the guys when I say we want to be more than just a fickle ‘Spotify’ band, we want people to stop and take notice of the big sounds we put together.”

Having spent the last few weeks recording the album at Rocking Horse recording studios, I asked the guys how they transferred their energetic live performances to a recorded one.

“Basically, we aimed to record with the same energy we perform live,” said Jake.

“We performed and recorded every track together, along with some feature artists, so the energy we generate when either playing to a crowd or just with each other, was recreated on the album – in fact it sounds even more real than ever.”

Talking about the first single to be released later this year, ‘Sing With Me’, the band’s ultimate mantra of having a good time and living life to its fullest is evident.

“This is a track that pulls people together and gets everyone up, dancing and singing,” said Jake.

“Yeah definitely, it’s about dancing like no-one is watching and having fun – it’s something we’re all about and we want you guys to be a part of it too,” said Barney.

With a plethora of summer festivals on the horizon, as well as finishing off their debut album, Electrik Lemonade are clearly one of the Gold Coast’s busiest bands.

“This doesn’t stop us wanting to play music and get the party started though,” said Galen.

“It’s what we do.”

Well, if that’s what they do, I’m more than happy to oblige. Time to put the cup of tea down and  indulge in some Electrik Lemonade instead.

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Electrik Lemonade will perform at the Gold Coast BIGSOUND showcase on Wednesday 5 September from 12.30 – 2.00pm alongside Black Rabbit George and Phoebe Sinclair. RSVP at cultural@blankgc.com.au.


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