Electrik Lemonade + Fat Picnic + Le Rayes: Live gallery and review | Miami Marketta | Saturday 25 May 2019

Saturday night saw the triumphant return of Electrik Lemonade to the Gold Coast as the last stop on their national tour. Miami Marketta had a large Saturday night crowd enjoying the food and the good vibes, and it promised to be a great night in the live room, with three bands and a fun night up for grabs.

First up were Le Rayes who played some tunes and a few covers to very few people, with a guitarist on drums and a bit of fun to be had. As their short set progressed, the room started to get a few people moving in.

Fat Picnic were next to hit the stage, and the infectious ska, funk, reggae beats saw the crowd growing, and as each one moved in more people began to dance.

Graham Moes is the lead singer of Fat Picnic. Great voice with an awesome range, and a top entertainer. This Brisbane band are so animated on stage, it grabs the audience to the point where they really have to move. (Wear your Dr Martens, because you are sure to want to bounce). The lads have their own little stage trick as well where they give a new meaning to the “reach around”, where they play each other’s guitars from behind the other members, and do it still in the rhythm and melody of the song. They are having fun and it all translates to the audience.

It was the tour homecoming for the crew from Electrik Lemonade, and as their time on the road was up, they were amped for a good time.  The room had filled, and funk, hip hop, and a total bounce and ride were all part of the menu. Of course these things are the standard when you have Electrik Lemonade as your choice of musical beverage. The crowd was part of the act, and everyone was in on the game. As they bounced into their set, the room started bouncing with them. When they performed ‘The Way We Get Down’, the whole crowd was in on the act, cheering as each member went into their breakdown. They are definitely a band that thrives on audience participation.

Electrik Lemonade has benefited from their time on the road, bright and tight, and really have their act tuned in. Flowing from song to song, making each one meld into the next, they were providing a performance and a party for all their fans to enjoy. It was like the crowd was one mass, moving and grooving with the funk beats like the sea with swells moving through the dark mass in the front of the room. Various nationally broadcast TV performances, and the years of dedication to their funky hip hop journey, have made Electrik Lemonade a group that will climb further up the music world’s mountains.

If you want to get down with it, move and groove and get totally funked… You best order a big jug of Electrik Lemonade.

IMAGES (c) Peter Wheeler Photography

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