Electrik Lemonade: Trusted Funksters

Electrik Lemonade, those merry purveyors of funkilicious good-times, are taking things up a notch for the rest of 2019 as they detonate upon stages and airwaves off the back of their high octane debut long-player, ‘Squeezed Fresh’.

Having delivered a tasty precursor in late 2018 in the form of sizzling single ‘Sing With Me’, the band are about to share the blaze and head out all over the country in support of the record, which came out on 1 April.

True to their stated manifesto of ‘in funk we trust’, the album is awash with the bands high energy take on the genre, supplemented with tasty lashings of hip hop, soul and a splash of 70’s boogie (a full review of the album is also part of this month’s edition). It’s no wonder these beloved performers are up for a Live act of the year gong at this year’s Gold Coast Music Awards.

In support of ‘Squeezed Fresh’ they’ll soon be embarking on their own round of headlining shows around the country, including a very special home town show at the Miami Marketta on 25 May.

Read on for the inside scoop from the lads themselves.

After three well received EPs it must be exciting to take things to the next level with your debut long player! Are you pleased with how it turned out and do you consider it as a logical evolution in the development of the band?

After three EPs we had no other choice but to apply what we learned into making the best album we could! ‘Epoch’ was a production heavy EP and ‘Funklore’ was stripped right back to get a raw sound.  With ‘Squeezed Fresh’ we tried to really hit the sweet spot in the middle to get our sound just right.

Can you put us in the picture with how the album came together? And how did you go translating your high energy live vibe into the studio?

The songs came about in a few different ways really.  Some, such as ‘Sing With Me’, were the result of just sitting at a piano and writing a catchy hook. Others were programmed hip hop tracks that we turned into full band arrangements, such as ‘Old Man Trouble’.  Then the wildcards were those sneaky little tunes such as ‘Light It Up’, that had their genesis on stage as improvised jams, that then became fully fledged tunes.

We chose our fellow band member and legendary mix master Brad Hosking to help record and guide us during the recording process. Brad has worked on two of our previous EP’s and has had the chance to experiment with our recorded sound. When we decided to record an album we knew we had to incorporate our live feel and sound because it is what makes The Lemonade so Electrik, and who better to help achieve that than the man that has been playing and growing with us over the last 5 years!

Are there any upcoming shows on your album launch tour that you’re particularly looking forward to playing?

Every single one of them. Our recent Sydney show was epic! But Miami Marketta is going to be extra special, we have a few surprises in store.

So w can we expect  when you hit the Miami Marketta on 25 May?

Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but we have a bunch of stuff happening at our homecoming show that none of the other shows are going to get.  We’re going the extra mile for the people that have been there for us from the start.

Have you got any plans in place yet for the latter half of the year?

There’s definitely some awesome gigs and festivals coming up in that period.  Really though, the most exciting thing about finishing the album is getting back into writing!  There’s a heap of ideas that we have been holding off working on till the album was done – can’t funkin’ wait!

Catch Electrik Lemonade when they hit Miami Marketta on 25 May. Get tickets here.

‘Squeezed Fresh’ is available now.

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