ELEEA drops new single ‘Wasting Time’

Big-voiced Gold Coast singer / songwriter ELEEA has just dropped heartfelt new single ‘Wasting Time’, the first taste of her upcoming ‘The Travel Collection’.

As you may have guessed from the title, ELEEA’s ‘The Travel Collection’ was inspired by her time spent backpacking overseas through 35 countries, and with around 100 original songs in total to choose from following her adventures, there seemed to have been no lack of inspiration along the way.

“Travelling has always been a really big passion of mine, and one of the reasons that I love it so much is because you’re really put out of your comfort zone and so it inspires you to try new things and have new experiences,” she tells us.

“You also tend to be a lot more open to talking to strangers and meeting a lot of different people, and usually more diverse people, because they’re from all over the world.”

ELEEA is no stranger to the music industry, having grown up in a creative household, ordering propecia online and making music from a very young age.

“I came from a very musical family and I officially wrote my first song when I was four,” she says.

“I think I just always just interpreted the world and what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen as a songwriter so when I’ve gone through emotional things or heard people’s stories or just navigated life, it’s always kind of gone through my brain and come out as song lyrics, and as long as I write them down indian cialis canada I can then turn them into something later on. I started playing guitar when I was about sixteen and that’s kind of my main instrument now, I play piano as well.”

With many marveling at the prolificacy that ELEEA has demonstrated in her songwriting, she tells us that she feels that this can be the case for viagra pills many musicians.

“It’s a skill that you develop when you rely on music as a source of therapy,” she laughs.

She tells us about the story behind ‘Wasting Time’.

“I was just waiting at a bus stop in Slovakia and eating a kebab and when I went to write a song, I was thinking ‘what could I possibly write a song about in this country?’ The only words that were coming to my head were like ‘passing through’ and ‘wasting time’ and so I thought ‘that’s just where I’m going to go with this’.

“Then I started to relate it to when a partner sees you as impermanent and just sees you as just passing through and they’re not really attached, and that kind of then formed the song. It was about a relationship that was formed after literally just wasting time at a bus stop.”

As for the message behind the lyrics, ELEEA expresses that she hopes that her music will inspire levitra dienste people to take risks and travel and see the world, as she has done for herself.

“All my music is very personal, even when it’s written about something that’s seemingly external, like waiting at a bus stop. So, I think that people are going to get to know me better through listening to my music.

“I feel like a lot of the concepts I write about that I’ve gone through are very universal subjects that a lot people go through so I’m hoping that people can relate to that. But also, I’m hoping that people get inspired by the travel side of things and are inspired to explore and step outside their comfort zone, be independent because it’s interesting with travelling and going to new places and meeting new people, it can be the most terrifying thing but it’s nearly always the best thing.

“So, I hope that people walk away feeling inspired to do the things that they dream about and not just keep dreaming about them.”

ELEEA feels that this is the official start to a new phase of her career.

“This isn’t the first release that I’ve brought out but it kind of feels like the first chapter of a new book for me, so I really hope that in the future I can just continue to make the music that I love, that I can continue to make a living from music and I would love to be travelling the world and just connecting with people.”

ELEEA’s musicality is deeply entrenched in every bar of ‘Wasting Time’, her rich, smoky voice and signature vocal effects cleverly left to shine on the track which was recorded with local producer, musician and all around legend Brad Hosking, who was “so amazing to work with”, that ELEEA went back and recorded her whole EP with him, which will be out in the coming months. Keep your eyes on ELEEA’s Facebook and Instagram for news of the upcoming video for ‘Wasting Time’, while you’re waiting.

At the time of writing, the following gigs for ELEEA were going ahead, so be sure to head out and (responsibly!) support the live music scene if you can:

Sat 21 March – Hyde Paradiso, 2-5pm | Sun 22 March – Aviary Rooftop Bar, 2-6pm | Thurs 26 March – Burleigh Hotel, 9pm-12am | Sun 19 April – Aviary Rooftop Bar, 2-6pm | Tues 21 April – Scottish Prince (Originals night) | Thurs 23 April – Burleigh Hotel, 9pm-12am

Check out ‘Wasting Time’ below:

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