Eliza and the Delusionals: rocking out at BIGSOUND

Since their inception in 2015, energetic alterna-rock four piece Eliza and the Delusionals have been blazing a brightly ascending trajectory across Gold Coast’s musical landscape. Current single ‘Salt’ is a fuzzy pop delight, dripping with sass and hooks aplenty. The track certainly turned heads, being nominated as a finalist in the prestigious ‘song of the year’ category at this year’s Gold Coast Music Awards. Chatting with front woman Eliza Klatt, I ask her how this experience played out for the band. “We totally didn’t expect it. When we got nominated, up against Amy Shark and a couple of other really good songs, it was like… huge! It’s really cool to be part of the growing Gold Coast music community.”

I ask Eliza if the sound of ‘Salt’ is indicative of the rest of the band’s output. “I just love hitting it hard with that fuzzy sound. People have been comparing us with a lot of acts from the 90’s, which is really cool, because they’re the type of bands we grew up with and got into music from. We just love that catchy, indie rock sound and we aim to channel that.”

The band recently upped their profile and played to bulging crowds when supporting 90’s alternative rock staples Killing Heidi around the country. Eliza was understandably rapt at the exposure that this opportunity provided.

“Everyone from Killing Heidi and their entourage were super nice, so friendly and cool. Some of the crowds were massive. The first show we did, in Adelaide, I was thinking backstage “this is crazy! ‘” But then we got up and did the set and there was no nervousness, we all just clicked into gear and had a really great show.”

“Every gig on the tour was really good, especially playing The Tivoli. It was a dream come true to play that venue, and we got a really good response.”

“A lot of people across all the shows got into it and came up to us afterwards to tell us they really enjoyed it. I guess the demographic for Killing Heidi was a little bit older to what we usually play, so in the lead up I was thinking; oh I hope people get into our music, because it’s a bit in your face when we play live. But then I thought, all of these people are coming for Killing Heidi, who were one of the most in your face, female fronted grunge bands around back then! So it was all good.”

The band are also rapt to be part of this year’s bumper musical line-up for BIGSOUND 2017, taking place from 5 – 8 September in Fortitude Valley. “We’re playing there as part of a Gold Coast Showcase event (as well as IVEY and Ella Fence) on Thursday, 7 September. The Gold Coast and Brisbane are the two main places we play, so we’ve wanted to be part of BIGSOUND for ages. We recently went to Canada and played Toronto’s version of BIGSOUND as part of Canadian Music Week. So it’ll be great to be part of Australia’s version.”

As well as the Killing Heidi shows, the band have also scored support slots for Polish Club, Ali Barter and UK band Moose Blood. And the rest of 2017 sees Eliza and the Delusionals further consolidate on their burgeoning popularity with another run of live dates. “We’re playing a support show for City Calm Down, at The Triffid, on Saturday 16 September. We haven’t played there before, but I’ve been to heaps of shows there. It’s a really great venue. And we’ve got another show (on 17 November at the Redland Bay Hotel) with Killing Heidi as well.”

Eliza, while remaining coy on the specifics, also confirmed that some new Delusionals recorded output will be seeing the light of day shortly. “I can’t really say anything about it yet, but we do have some new music coming out in the next few months. We’re pretty excited… but that’s all I can say about it for now.”

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Eliza and the Delusionals play Gold Coast’s lunchtime party showcase on Thursday 7 September 12.30 – 2.00pm at Brightside Outdoor.

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