Ella Fence announces tour of motel rooms

Ella Fence is set to perform her new tracks and new live show to fans, inside motel rooms in secret locations down the east coast of Australia.
Ella’s new single Dancer is a unique mix of cinematic-electro-pop with powerhouse vocals produced by Vinnie LaDuce. To celebrate its release, she hits the road this May, offering fans a very unique experience that gives insight into the life of a travelling artist – a life which can often be very random and transient, but also lots of fun, inspiring and full of surprises.
Ella will perform tracks off her unreleased EP, giving fans the first taste of her second EP, due for release late 2017. 
Joining her “on stage” are Aquila Young and Lily Budiasa (Th’Fika), creating a three-piece all-female band of multi-instrumentalists, playing everything from guitars, to SPD drums, synthesizer to vocals, with Ella at the forefront. The tour hits Gold Coast 27 May. More at ellafencemusic.com.

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