Ella Fence Returns With Monstrous New Single

Ella Fence is a name that most local music aficionados would already be well familiar with. The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter (and actor – read on!) has been rapidly making waves, both at home and abroad over the past 18 months, off the back of her hypnotically captivating and cinematic electro-pop muse.

She’s currently working on her debut full length album, which is something we’re pretty darn excited about. And now she has returned to public consciousness in the form of a cracking new single, ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’. Check out our ‘new Gold Coast Music’ column for more about it.

Ella took time out from her busy schedule recently to have a chat about the new song, as well as what’s on the horizon.

Congratulations on the new single, ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’. I see you co-wrote it with Brad Hosking. What was it like working with him?

Thank you! This was the first or second song Brad and I wrote together, and since then we’ve written a few more songs together and he’s also producing a few I’ve written. He’s so well versed when it comes to music and since working with him I feel like I’ve not only walked away with a great catalogue of new songs and excellent production, but I’ve learned so, so much as well.

Can you tell us a bit about the background of the song and how it came together?

The track started as a conversation Brad Hosking and I had, because I was furious quite specifically about the female experience in the music industry and I was triggered. It has since grown to encompass so much more than just one theme – it’s become about negativity and toxicity; within society, within your relationships, within yourself.

We said something along the lines of it not being good enough to say you disagree with a system, but actively partake in that system, or become inactive within the experience, so “don’t feed the monster”.  We then used that line as a launch pad for the rest of the track.

I can’t wait to sing this song live, it sounds so full and exciting with a full band – plus I can’t wait for the song and music video to be out in the world everywhere.

How is your debut full length album coming along – does it have a name yet? And is the new single fairly indicative of the vibe of this upcoming release? 

No name yet for the album, I think that will come when it’s finished. I want the album to have variation, but also continuity. There will be elements of this track’s style of production throughout the rest of the album, but I’m actively giving the listener an experience, I want to take people on a journey.

Earlier this year you were selected to participate in the Women In Music Mentorship Program. How has your involvement in that played out? 

It was great, this mentorship opportunity helped me to really define areas that I wanted to improve on as a musician and businesswoman and I’ve grown a lot professionally throughout the process.

It says in your bio that you are also an accomplished actor! Can you share a bit about this side of yourself? 

My debut in acting was as Snow White in a dark twisted musical version of the story by the Brisbane Festival, La Boite Theatre Company and Opera Queensland. The Creative Producer of La Boite saw an Ella Fence gig and asked me to audition, as they were casting at the time. Once I was cast, I then did a series of creative and professional development for the role, as I had little to no experience in the acting field. So for that role I had training in martial arts and fitness (including weapon training), music theory, masterclasses with a range of different acting coaches, script analysis – so many things and so much support from the incredible network of people I have around me. Since Snow White I’ve also been involved in ‘Hotelling’ by Bleached Arts and ‘Much Ado’ at The Zoo.

You’ve managed to tour a bit overseas, including Berlin. How did you find it there and which venue did you play? 
I love Berlin! The event I played there was called DNABLN, which was basically a huge warehouse party. Multiple levels, multiple rooms, multiple art forms – it was fabulous. The venue was called Musik & Frieden in an area of Berlin called Falckensteinstraße. It’s a funny story how I got on this one, I actually met the organiser in a bathroom line at an event in LA and we exchanged business cards. I was already performing at Great Escape Alternate Escape around the same dates in Brighton, UK, so Berlin wasn’t too far to get over from there and we had the night free. So we more or less flew in/out of the gig and it was a wild, fun crazy whirlwind of a gig.

How would you like to see 2020 transpire in the world of Ella Fence?

2020 is focused on overseas – touring, making music and new adventures in different parts of the world, not dissimilar to the travel I’ve done in the past, but this time I’ve got those other overseas trips under my belt and I’m more ready than ever to take on international opportunities.

To celebrate the launch of her dynamic new single, ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’, Ella Fence is playing the following shows across the month of August:

Sunday, 4 August: Lakeside Sessions Launch at HOTA (supporting Baker Boy)

Friday, 30 August: Heya Bar, Brisbane

Saturday, 31 August: HOTA Basement

IMAGE (C) Shirley Lam

Check out ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’ below:

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