Elska (Heart & Harp Documentary Launch): Live Review | Hotel Miami | Thursday 20 September 2018


Unique. A few dozen guests, all personally invited, all familiar with Elska’s style and at least some of her material. And yet, every guest still fascinated by the unique idea of a harp and loop pedal, delivered by an engaging and articulate young woman. Tonight, all curious about content creation, as Elska launched her documentary revealing how it all began and evolved.

Hotel Miami’s pink external wall and funky little video editing suite, doors down from the new Grandad Jacks distillery, made sense as the venue, as a short form doco, about an emerging indie musician plays projected onto the warehouse wall. We hear about the doco being accepted into the Australian Music Week Film event, along with performances by Elska for the Australian Music industry.

The film has such bright colour and deep moments of emotion, appropriately spruiking the Gold Coast for its important role in the development of this artist, as well as the funding of the doco itself though a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant. Elska closes out the showing with a performance of three of her popular tracks, including recent release ‘Boy’, to rousing applause.

So how was it?

You’ll just have to wait for the city tour, coming up across City of Gold Coast libraries next month. But for now, we’ll stick with unique. And know that since there’s nothing like her, so you can expect the industry will recognise her talent. Get into your local library while you can and check Elska out in coming weeks.

IMAGE: Shot by Hannan

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