EP Review: Bleach Girls | Hi!

There’s a surprisingly substantial complexity to Bleach Girls’ debut outing – a band who’s made a reputation by playing a massive amount of live shows in their short career. With Hi!, there’s more than meets the eye.

Whether it’s as dynamically obtuse as Bleach Girls want it to be, the male / female forcefulness to the two-piece’s energy is buoyant and, at often times, hypnotising. Fi Fi on the drums and Mickey leading out front, their presentation is nothing new but their composure and ability to craft punchy, distorted and bubblegum garage rock is a true concerted effort.

You’d think a two-piece lo-fi duo making bratty, beach-infused songs about adolescence and getting drunk on and around the beach would have no affect on the music scene, not anymore. But Bleach Girls are riding that wave hard, fast and don’t care what anyone thinks of them along the way. Really, that’s where the biggest appeal to this band comes.

Channelling their prodigies of FIDLAR, Best Coast and even early Wavves, the debut EP is dripping with sunshine and good vibes and makes no attempts to be anything less. Hell No doesn’t win over with its lyrics but plays to the band’s back-and-forth dynamic so effortlessly that it is too charming not to enjoy. 16 is precisely the short, sharp, fast song I would have blasted when I was a poor, rebellious 16 year old. Elsewhere on the EP, there are moments indebted to Surfer Blood and Alvvays.

With a VB bottle front-and-centre, Hi! isn’t going to revolutionise the lo-fi scuzz of garage rock, but with Bleach Girls’ kinetic bond, both on-and-off-stage, the music is so natural and fun loving. Bleach Girls are teaching us, once again, to never drag our feet when in the sun.

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