EP review: Junkyard | Junkyard

Those with their fingers on the pulse of cutting edge local underground sounds over the past few years may be familiar with the name White Lodge and their distinctive brand of reverb-drenched, fuzzed-out psych-garage mayhem.

Following on from an extended period of radio silence, elements of the band, including vocalist and rhythm guitarist Hudson Tesoriero, have pleasingly resurfaced under a new moniker, Junkyard, which is (perhaps) a knowing nod to seminal Aussie art-punks The Birthday Party and their identically named wrecking ball of a second record. And to borrow a song title from said record, this first-up, 4 track demo by Junkyard delivers a Big-Jesus-Trash-Can of a glorious racket.

And just like The Birthday Party, who morphed from the ashes of The Boys Next Door into something more terrifyingly visceral, the local lads of Junkyard have upped the intense-o-meter from their White Lodge days of yore (who themselves were no shrinking violets), to smash out a quick fire, 1-2-3-4 flurry of furious, in-the-red, heavily reverbed sound and voice. Smeared vocals strain and bark, tracks bleed into each other and the whole thrilling shebang is over in less than eight minutes flat.

This is the sound of frantic, bug eyed punk-garage (as opposed to garage-punk) from the wrong side of the tracks, done right. One can almost sense it from the song titles alone – ‘Melting Maze’, ‘Chrome Alone’, ‘Burning Trash’, ‘The Door’, which read like something excavated from the deranged outtakes of mid 70’s cult cyber-punk weirdos, Chrome, with whom they share a similar, singular mindset as opposed to sound-set.

The band also touch upon even heavier elements, particularly evidenced on the track ‘Burning Trash’, which commences with an angry swarm of guitars that march and build, before melting into smeared, searing hard-core punk convulsing under 20 odd foot of reverb.

A bug eyed thrill ride through the musical metamorphosis of the band formerly known as White Lodge, you can find these tracks on Junkyard’s Bandcamp page, with a 7 inch vinyl single mooted to follow soon.

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