EP Review: Luke Houselander | Ready to come home

Packed with energy and enthusiasm, Luke Houselander’s latest musical offering has been picked up by fans here and abroad since its recent release. Raised on a steady diet of blues, roots and rock, the six track record oozes charm from the get-go, showcasing the unapologetically eclectic selection of songs that Houselander is known for at his live shows.

The record opens with ‘The Last Stand’, an instrumental track that heavily draws from his folk roots side. With its bright warm guitars and the spacious feel of instrumentation Houselander kicks things off by taking us on a journey that feels like a ‘Choose your own adventure’.

In a quick shift of pace we dive right into the heavier rock sound of ‘Trouble’, a song about the consequences of your actions. With punchy drums and driven electric guitars this track is an amalgamation of the great rock artists who came before. With a killer guitar solo thrown in the mix this song is nothing but ‘Trouble’.

Title track ‘Ready To Come Home’ captures the balance between rock and roots with its energy and twang. The introspective lyrics are paired with a surprisingly fast pace tempo.

‘Pills N Whiskey’ really drives home the blues rock influences of his songwriting. Twangy electric guitars and gritty vocals showcases the diversity of the track on the EP.

Houselander’s personal favourite ‘I Am The Wolf Man’ feels like something out of a desert day dream with howling winds and wolves embedded amongst hazy guitars, setting the scene for the moody, brooding lyrics.

Rounding out the record is a cover of ‘Are You My Sunshine,’ included on the record due to its popularity amongst fans at Houselander’s live shows.

Having recorded and produced the record completely himself is a huge effort and no mean feat. Mixed by Benny D Williams, the EP lives and breathes the Gold Coast, from the songwriting to those involved in its creation. This record has something that will appeal to anyone who loves roots and rock.

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