EP Review: Moreton | Specimen

“Didn’t anybody tell ya…

Being young is hard for everyone, Johana”

I remember walking into Fortitude Valley’s Foundry at BIGSOUND this year in a buoyant, joyful mood. It was early in the evening on the opening Wednesday night, perhaps around 8.00pm, and I may have already consumed the first of several enjoyable, (while responsible) beverages.

I was met by the earnest music of Moreton, a three-piece whose bio claims Brisbane and Byron connections. As my joy met a counterpoint in their music, I recall my first genuine thought on experiencing the band was that everyone needed a hug; one of those hugs that reassure you that no matter what the challenge, it’s probably gonna be okay and even if it’s not, at least you received a bloody awesome hug to show for your grief.

Moreton’s new EP, Specimen is filled with five tracks that motivate that sense of compassion in a caring person. Track three is a moving highlight, and Johana kicks off with a pulsing rhythm and bass line. The lyrics communicate regret, empathy and sensitivity. The closing track, Restitution, might be my favourite, and I could almost hear the choristers and orchestra already accompanying Georgia’s vocals in a future imagined incarnation of the beautiful track. This little piece of Georgia’s mind surely delivered the peace of mind the song promises.

“You don’t need no restitution

Some peace of mind will do you.”

If you like your storytelling sincere and your music melancholy and brooding, Moreton’s new EP is for you. Here’s to those reminders to give absent friends a phone call telling them you’re thinking of them, or dropping in for a hug. Moreton play Summertime Sessions in The Village in Mudgeeraba supported by Lamplights frontman Ryan Gittoes on Friday 2 December. Invite your friends; hugs for everyone.

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