EP Review: Tommy Sheehan | The Cold

If you’ve ever met Tommy Sheehan before you’ll know he’s one laid back dude. You might have recognised him anchoring Aquila Young’s band or collaborating with one or more of a number of emerging Gold Coast acts such as Lane Harry x Ike Campbell, or Jackson James Smith. His solid reputation as a chilled deliverer of ambient vibes is further cemented in his debut EP release, The Cold.

Far from cold, I found myself warmed listening to his tunes, perfect for a relaxed Sunday soundtrack at home. Reminiscent of Jose Gonzalez perhaps, or Patrick James if you prefer a more local comparison, Tommy’s opening tune Old House, driven by his minimalist acoustic guitar, shuffling snare, and catchy melody had me tapping along.

Thoughtful, even melancholy at times, the remainder of The Cold takes a slower approach, with the three tracks meandering along sentimentally. It seems clear a coast life had influenced this young man as each title brought to mind themes of water and the beach. The female vocals on Undertow offered a lovely complementary sound scape and the song stuck in my head long after the track had concluded.

“Will you find what you’re missing, now you live in the city…” (Drift).

Picking up a copy of The Cold might just be what you’re looking for, whether you live in the city or not.

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