EP Review: White Lodge | Backwater Rumble/ Ancient Tides

Ever-impressive Gold Coast reverb peddlers White Lodge have just dished up a yin and yang double shot of killer, wide screen garage-psych.


Backwater Rumble is a sub two minute echo-fest that starts with a smashing crescendo of raw power normally reserved for epic endings, before morphing a third of the way through into a rollicking thrill-ride of woozy garage punk with a darkly melodic heart. At around the one minute mark an unhinged guitar solo and what sounds like a bottle smashing muscle their way to the fore, before the track reignites and races for the outer recesses, going out in a feast of blaze. Possibly their most succinctly righteous moment to date…

On the flip side, Ancient Tides serves up an insistently blurry slab of head-noddingly catchy, effects laden new-psych, the track effortlessly unfolding and lifting off into a stratosphere of smeared, shoe-gazey goodness by the conclusion of its majestic four minute journey. The contrast in length and vibe of each track makes for a pleasingly diverse two sided listen.

Backwater Rumble and Ancient Tides are available now via the White Lodge bandcamp page. Furthermore the tracks will shortly be available in the form of a limited edition, split 7 inch vinyl release, together with Kansas City USA kindred spirits The Gorlons.

Or listen here:


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