Everyone Deserves Music

Everyone Deserves Music is a new charity focused on getting registered music therapists into schools and the group has identified the Gold Coast as the first focus of its work.

Dr Krista Talbot is one of the founders of the organisation. She said the group was started this year to raise funds for music therapy programs for children with disabilities and is about getting registered music therapists into schools.

She said her motivation came from her own children’s experience with music classes.

“From a very early age I have taken my children along to a weekly community music class which they loved and gained great benefit from,” Krista said.

Those classes were run by a registered music therapies who also runs school-based music therapy but in 2015 the school-based program was unable to secure funding to continue.

Krista saw a Facebook post about the situation and decided to take action.

“I approached doctors and colleagues across the Gold Coast who generously donated enough money to cover three terms and buy me some time,” she said. “Then I got together six other like minded, professional parents and started Everyone Deserves Music Inc so we could generate a sustainable source of funds for these programs.”

As a General Practitioner, Krista comes at music therapy from an analytical point of view.

“I wouldn’t be involved in this if I didn’t believe in the benefit of music therapy,” she said.

According to a Cochrane review in 2014 those benefits include enhanced social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, behaviour initiation, social adaptation and quality of parent-child relationships.

“There is a large randomised controlled trial being conducted worldwide on this topic called TIME-A,” Krista said, “And the Australian arm of this study is being conducted out of the University of Melbourne so I’m excited to see the outcome.”

“Long term we want to support as many schools with music therapy programs as we can. We also want to support the profession that is Registered Music Therapy. By supplying funding to the programs we hope this becomes a more inviting career path for more and more people and thus provides more music therapy for children that need it.”

Their focus for now, though, is schools on the Gold Coast.

Funding for new not-for-profits is always a challenge, and that’s where the group’s first fundraiser comes in.

“A concert seemed to make the most sense,” Krista said. “We want support from the people in the community who understand the power and value of music so why not run a fundraiser that they will love- a concert.”

Miami Marketta came on board straight away and together with the committee has pulled together a big night of music, with fundraising at its core. The event, which will raise funds for Everyone Deserves Music will take place on Wednesday 20 July with The Lamplights, The Delicates and The Ruiins on the lineup and MC Em Rusciano leading proceedings as MC.

“We want the Gold Coast to see that we are not just any concert,” Krista said. “We want to put on an amazing show so that they come back year after year after year.”

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Everyone Deserves Music fundraiser is Wednesday 20 July from 5.00pm at Miami Marketta.



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