EXCLUSIVE: Summertime Sessions announces 2015 lineup

Over eight Fridays, Mudgeeraba will show the Gold Coast why it’s the friendliest village west of the freeway.

After a killer 2014 season, Summertime Sessions in the Village is back – with an incredible lineup of local talent and hopes for finding new opportunities for musicians within its Divisional boundaries.

Opening the series will be Ella Fence and Jake Whittaker on Friday 23 October with the lineup for the rest of the season including City Over Sand, Alone Alaska, Jackson James Smith, Bobby Alu, Hanlon Brothers, Tsun, Karl S Williams, Frankie and the Moon. There’s more. There’s lots more.

The Councillor for Division 9, which takes in Mudgeeraba is Glenn Tozer. He’s been working to support local music and also to drive the growth of Summertime Sessions and its impact on the local economy.

“I think the impact of music events in a park – like Summertime Sessions in the Village – is threefold. Firstly, people come in and enjoy pizza or fish and chips in the park, which supports local business. Secondly, they get to connect with local musicians and buy their music and be patrons of the arts – and thirdly, they get to know their neighbours and their community better – by sharing interests,” Glenn said.

“That’s what makes this event successful and a great contributor to the city.”

The shows run from 5.30 – 7.30pm every Friday night from 23 October and takes place at Cuddihy Park, right in the middle of Mudgeeraba Village. Blank is proud to be a media partner for Summertime Sessions in the Village.

The full lineup for the series is as follows:

23 October | Ella Fence  + Jake Whittaker

30 October | City over Sand + Alone Alaska

6 November | Walrus and the Carpenter + Felicity Lawless

13 November | Tommy Sheehan + Jackson James Smith

20 November | Bobby Alu (solo) + Hanlon Brothers

27 November | Tsun + Frankie & the Moon

4 December | Little Georgia + Blues Stomp Holding Co. + The Adventures of Herbert and Valerie

11 December | Aquila Young (featured in headline image) + Karl S Williams


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