Experience Ginger and the Ghost

Mysterious. Ethereal. Dreamlike. These are the words that best describe the sounds of Sydney duo Ginger and the Ghost.

Gracing us with their second EP Call Up The Whales, released March 28, visual artists Missy and Daniel (Ginger and the Ghost themselves) create what can only be described as a musical experience, blending their realm of creative talents.

A jungle of textures and layering, Ginger and the Ghost produce a tribal yet dreamy sound that is irresistibly alluring, with costumes and setups that are out of this world.

Joining hands with Miami Marketta (Rabbit+Cocoon) and local favourites TSUN for their last and most anticipated show of the national tour, Ginger and the Ghost will bring together a night of music, creativity, interactive art and wonder.

Join in the magic at Miami Marketta Friday, April 4. For tickets and event details visit this link.

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