Exploring the Creative Hours between twelve and four

Melbourne indie folk quintet, The Paper Kites this month released an endearing video for single one, Electric Indigo from their new record, twelvefour, which is due for release 28 August. And they’re backing it up with a massive tour of Australia through August and November, including the Gold Coast. Sarah McEwan spoke to Christine from the band ahead of the album’s release.

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Youve only just released Electric Indigo, another beautiful track, can you tell us about it?

Yeah we’re really stoked with this track, I think for all of us it was a stand out single from early on, even before all of the songs had been written, it felt like a really good introduction to the album. The sound of Electric Indigo resonated well with us, it became a bridging song for our new sound, it still sounds like us but just a little different.


What have the Paper Kites been up to lately other than writing a new beautiful album?

We’ve been touring a lot over in South America, the States and Canada which has been awesome, last we did an Australian tour for our album States, so yeah lots of touring over the past couple of years, but lately we’ve obviously been doing a lot of writing and recording for this new album.


Are there any major differences in the sound of Twelvefour to what we have heard previously?

Twelvefour compared to Woodland? It’s another universe away but compared to States the new album has a more developed sound, to me it seems this new album feels a bit more cohesive, it’s got a nice feel to itm it’s like a nice little neat package, it’s a bit more defined than the past albums and EPs we have launched.


I have read that Twelvefour, is primarily based around lack of sleep?

The idea came from Sam, who wrote the tracks for the album, he decided to stay up from 12 to 4.00am as a different process, the concept behind it is when we stay up between those hours that our body isn’t used to it, you seem to let a go a little bit and get the creative juices flowing. The idea behind it is to explore where you mind goes when you are tired, and sometimes you think of things totally out of the box. Somebody was speaking to Sam about a documentary where a bunch of artists did a similar thing, where they explored those creative hours, so he gave it a go and became very committed to the whole process.


Were you listening to any particular artists throughout the writing period?

There are always influences of what you listen to now but of course older stuff we all love, i think you can hear a lot of influence in our music from the storytelling artists such as Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan especially in the more stripped back acoustic songs and there is a new 80’s element to the sound which is something we love, there are some new elements to the sound and we’re looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about it when they hear it.


Have you done a lot of shows on the gold coast before?

We have done a few shows on the gold coast, it’s funny because there are lots of different crowds where you go in Australia. It’ll be nice to get back up there and hopefully get to play to some new faces. We feel like we haven’t quite cracked the Queensland music scene yet, so we’re really looking forward to our shows up north.

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You can catch the Paper Kites (with Patrick James) on Friday 30 October at The Soundlounge and Saturday 31 October at Brisbane’s Woolly Mammoth.


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