Falls Festival 2019: Day 3 Highlights

Now that the three days are up, we are happy to say that we have just been blessed with 72 hours of superb weather. In the past, Falls Festival has taken a very ‘Rain, Hail or Shine’ approach but this year we were lucky enough for only the latter. However, it goes without saying that rain is needed now more than ever, and as many artists highlighted during the three-day event, sometimes it can be difficult to enjoy these moments with so much disaster so close to home, but the music was just too good to resist.

Australian alternative band #1 Dads started off the final leg of our Falls journey. Unfortunately, no dad jokes were provided from the boys this time round but our losses were compensated with a remarkable vibrato whistle harmony from lead singer, Tom Lansek. At the same tent, we were then graced by the vocals of Sydney singer, Montaigne, known for her feature with Hilltop Hoods. The whimsical artist had our eyes darting around the stage, cartwheels and moving almost like a puppeteer hung above the stage, and all this while hitting every note of ‘I’m a Fantastic Wreck’ and ‘Because I Love You.’

Following the psychedelic sounds of Dope Lemon we floated our way to the main stage. Putting us in a trance while playing ‘Hey You’ and ‘Marinade’ leaving us with enough zest to last all the way until the next pick of the fruit basket, Thelma Plum. Is It strange to use human as an adjective? Because that is the only word to describe her, so beautifully human. Thelma had us feeling every word of ‘Better in Blak’ a song that about her experiences​ with people trying to take her indigenous heritage away from the conversation. Using her lyrics as a comeback she sung, “I look better in blak.”

After the emotional set it was time for the legends from Thundamentals to show us why they still hold as one of our favourite live acts. It should also be noted that every artist we had seen so far was homegrown, and it was nothing short of sensational. Thundies brought the tent down playing hit after hit, including ‘Sally’ and ‘Smiles Don’t Lie.’ They radiated positivity through their performance, their lyrics and character, leaving every punter in good mood well until January 1st 2021.

The streak of Aussie artists had now ended but I guess that’s okay when Disclosure is playing at the main stage. The English electronic music duo’s sounds and drops work in ways that suit massive gatherings, making the Parklands atmosphere feel like it was being used to its maximum potential. Finishing their set with the ultimate dance song, ‘Latch.’

We didn’t have to go far with indie rock band Vampire Weekend on right after, and was the end of live music for the festival. Playing the delightfully groovy tunes, ‘A-Punk’ and ‘Diane Young.’

While it was probably too late for a quick dip into Falls’ makeshift Palm Springs, we still had an hour still left to spend before the festival officially closed but we had a range of options. Would it be a festival feed, the iconic ‘Iconic’ Laundromat or the JD Barrelhouse? Without further ado, we present the final selection – the Pepsi MAX House Party. While we had managed to escape its path throughout the event this had to be one of the best disc jockeys Blank has had the pleasure of reviewing, and couldn’t have been a more perfect finish to an insane, emotional and jaw-dropping three days. This Is us signing off, wishing all a happy new year, till next Falls season.


Images (C) Santography by Danny Santangelo

Images (C) Simone Gorman- Clark


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