Falls Festival 2019: Day 2 Highlights

Arriving to Byron Bay Falls Festival half way through Amyl and The Sniffers only two members of the punk rock band had misplaced their shirts, but by the end all instrumentalists sported their Bond’s with pride. For many in the crowd I don’t think we knew what we were in for, but this Melbourne band wasn’t afraid to show us their wild side. Finishing off with the words ‘Fuck Scomo’ which became a trend throughout the day, with many artists expressing the same sentiment.

We were lucky enough to catch 2015’s Triple J Unearthed winner B Wise, who has nailed modern aesthetic hip hop, and proved once again that he deserved this title above and beyond.  During song, ‘They Key’ we could see how grateful he was to be in this moment.

While early in the day it was no surprise that WAAX brought out some fiery punters opening with the rock song ‘Same Same’ before moving to the slower (at least for WAAX) CC Thugs. Lead singer Marle DeVita opening up to say it’s been a very long time since she has played it live which made it a really special moment for all to see. They covered ‘Edge of Seventeen’ and the similarities between DiVita and Nick’s voice became apparent. Closing their set with an animated performance of ‘I Am’ and ‘Labrador.’ If you can catch this band now, we would definitely recommend.

Holy Holy had the crowd mesmerised for ‘Sentimental and Monday’, with Oscar Dawson on lead guitar. As the stage soaked in an emerald haze, Holy Holy gifted us in the New Year with a cover of Lorde’s Green Light. The smaller venue setting meant everyone could feel the raw emotion for ‘True Lovers.’

Internet’s favourite Lewis Capaldi then took to the stage to play his beautifully written ‘Someone You Loved’ which then raised a question on everyone’s mind, ‘Did he write it?’ After seeing the divine passion he sung with we (and a quick google search) we can confirm he does write his music.

Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men had an immense set from start to finish, opening with ‘Mountain Sound’ and closing with ‘Little Talks’ but not without throwing in the aptly titled ‘Róróró,’ a song about jet lag, as they spent their new years flying to North Byron Parklands.

Back down the hill to the forest stage for G Flip who played crowd favourites ‘Lover’ and ‘About You’ earlier in the night before teasing us with her unreleased single, ‘You and I.’ Speaking of a past life (only two years ago) when she was a punter to Falls Festival. Breaking up the hits with an intense drum solo that covered songs from Phil Collins to Fergie a bit of Kanye and Whitney Houston. Also big move bringing out Ruby Fields  and when we thought she’d done it all Kram from Spiderbait took to the stage to cover ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl.’

The Valley Stage, kept in line with European bands, as up next was German band Milky Chance who played their hit song, ‘Cocoon’ without any delay. Milky Chance followed suit with those we had seen earlier today, showing a strong appreciation for their fans. Lead singer, Clemens Rehbein, spoke of 2015 Falls Festival, which he still holds as their favourite moment during his time in Miilky Chance. A beautiful finish to their set was ‘Stolen Dance.’ which had all revellers dancing like, ‘you’ve never danced before.’

Now for many Aussies, Halsey might be known as a pop-icon, and for many Falls punters radio noise isn’t what they are here to see. Verdict? Best act without fail. From the very first song, ‘Nightmare’ she roared into the mic and let us know she isn’t here to mess around. Getting the crowd more energetic by yelling, ‘I thought I was playing to Australians!’  as she burst into song ‘Castle.’ Surprising us with song, ‘Closer’ which she hasn’t played live for many years. At this point thinking we were thinking ‘that has to be all the Halsey songs I know’ but we were just getting started. Diving into ‘Gasoline’ and closing with ‘Without Me’ Halsey can work the stage better than anyone, holding the mic like it’s an extension of her arm. Event organisers really did pick their headline act perfectly.


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