Falls Festival – Night 3

The day was perfect, and after seeing the incredible set from Cold War Kids, I thought the bands following up wouldn’t be able to match their quality. Fortunately, I was completely wrong.

The Temper Trap strode out onto the stage with arguably the biggest grins out of everyone and played hit after hit, with three new tracks mixed in. The tracks are from their upcoming album recorded in London, due out in the next couple of months. The new tracks, Burn, So Much Sky and Veronica (Summer’s Almost Gone) went down well with the crowd, who managed to pick up on the vocal hooks in So Much Sky and began to back up Dougy’s soaring vocals. I cannot stress how amazing this band is live. Their songs translate perfectly to a live situation and the amount of energy the band has on stage managed to feed the crowd, not that they needed it. A sneaky cover of Rock The Casbah appeared in the back half of their set, and I have no doubt that their show will be the highlight of Falls Festival 2014 for me.


La Roux appeared on stage in all of her Bowie-esque splendour. It was as if a female Thin White Duke had materialized on stage, and god was her set good. The music she created on stage was infectious and the crowd responded to it, dancing and calling out confessions of love to the English singer. La Roux dominated the stage as she strode around the stage. The crowd favourites were, without a doubt, In For The Kill, Bulletproof and I’m Not Your Toy.

Empire of the Sun closed the Valley stage with what could be best described as an ‘out-of-this-world’ performance. Luke Steele materialized on stage in his Alien lord outfit while dancers swirled around him in their sea themed costumes. Standing On The Shore got the crowd going, and each song afterwards kept them dancing until the final notes of Alive. There’s not much I can say about Empire of the Sun live, it’s a show you have to experience, not read about.

The final day of Falls Festival 2014 is set to begin with Wolf Alice, Spiderbait, Sticky Fingers and Glass Animals set to perform throughout the day, while Alt-J scored the closing set.

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