Femme Heroine

Described as “a unique online space for boss bitch women in their twenties”, Femme Heroine aims to deliver forward thinking women with informed, opinionated, knowledgeable and relatable content by strong female voices. Its creator, Bond graduate Lily Hoffman, spoke to us about her fabulous concept.

“I was inspired by a bunch of floating tits, if I am to be honest,” says Lily.

“I was swimming nude with a bunch of other female travel writing interns in Bali, discussing everything from orgasms to Trump, and the idea kind of just dawned on me. I think my creative juices had been flowing, just from travelling and writing all the time anyway.”

In a world where it is still often considered an insult to call a woman “opinionated”, Lily hopes to bring attention to the thought and views of young women, their sexuality the unique issues that affect this demographic.

“Some random section of society is still fighting against women having a voice,” she says.

“Being heard and having a voice, however, are two different things. To have a voice in the conversation is to not only be heard, but to be considered, to be valued. I think having an opinion ties in with having a voice. It’s like, people are all for equality until a woman shouts her opinion across the void and it isn’t met with the same level of acceptance as a man.

“People still feel uncomfortable in 2017 when women are crass, talk dirty or make dirty jokes, when women swear or speak passionately. But men act that way at a footy match and it’s the norm. I still get odd looks when I voice my opinion on politics or gay rights or abortion, like people just can’t believe I would rock the boat.”

This imbalance of course is something which feminism often seeks to address. I am curious how Lily feels about identity politics and in particular, feminism.

“For me, it’s not a question of ‘if I identify as a feminist,’ but rather ‘do I not identify as a feminist.’ I personally feel that in 2017 identifying is no longer enough, it now needs to become an ‘opt out’ system. Everyone should be a feminist. If you care about the woman who gave you life, your sisters, your grandma, your girlfriend, even the lady who drives your local bus – if you care about half of the population you are by default a feminist.

“A feminist to me is just someone who wants basic and equal rights for all genders, not just women. If you don’t want that, then you should have to suffer the shame of opting out of it. Everyone is a feminist until they choose to mark themselves as otherwise. I personally feel the same way about organ donation and being homosexual, but that’s a controversial conversation for another time.”

Controversial conversations are likely to abound on Femme Heroine.

“Our tone, our style of writing, our vision; it is very ‘no bullshit.’ We are upfront, crass, sassy, outspoken and call it how we see it, and so do our writers.”

The website launched on 20 March, and pitches are welcome. Visit femmeheroine.com


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