Festival 2018 gallery: Sea Urchins, RITE, Us With You

Eerie by night and interactive by day, the Sea Urchins of Appel Park, Surfers Paradise hang, forever land bound. Constructed by local craftswomen to a design by architects Choi + Shine, Boston US (pictured), the urchins are curated by Swell.

Ten acrobats perform the Rites of Spring in April. So why should we be surprised by rain? Physical and mesmerising, the pathos of their performance is moving. We have never seen ‘circus’ quite like this before.

Set up especially for the Games, the FSG Ngullingi Ya Wahlu (Us With You) exhibition  at 20 Railway Street, Southport displays indigenous art from Darwin to mid New South Wales, including works by renowned artist Chern’ee Sutton. The exhibition is a protest against fake Aboriginal art sold in this country. Entry is free. On Thursday 5 April, the centre will be offering an authentic dining experience with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Guest Chefs, giving guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the oldest living culture. The artwork on the kangaroo skin commemorates artist Torry’s grandfather, a pearl diver in Broome, who died aged 32 years old. Tickets are on sale here


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