Fibro Coast

In the era before motels and resorts, a holiday at the Gold and Sunshine coasts usually meant either pitching a tent and camping by the beach or staying in a simple cottage owned by family or friends. Simplicity, informality, individuality and increasingly a design that acknowledged a connection to outdoor living were the hallmarks of these humble places. Despite rapid change to the urban fabric of the Coasts currently taking place, a few of these buildings remain, and hold with them many layers of memory of this holiday history of relaxation and escape.

So, an exhibition featuring works by artists who holidayed here from the 1920s will be especially popular when it hits the coast this month.

Spanning 15 February through 23 March, the exhibition will present the cultural, artistic, arthitectural and design story fo the humble fibro beach house of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts from the 1920s to the present.

The exhibition features works by Judy Barrass, Elaine Campaner, Anna Carey, Byron Coathup, Dean Cogle, Kelly Hussey-Smith & Alan Hill, Kymberley McElroy, Bruce Reynolds, Rebecca Ross and Susan Schmidt.

Entry is free and the full program is available at

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