Fighting fierce: Self defence with a difference

AP8 Fierce Females is not your average self defence course. Created by women for women their range of self defence courses have female only instructors, teach the art of self confidence, independent thinking and community. We chatted to business owner Amanda Giblin about her fierce philosophy.

Why is it important to combine the learning of physical self defence with an understanding of the psychology behind it? 

Violence follows a predictable cycle regarding frequency and severity. By understanding the cycle you can they make appropriate actions to ensure the cycle is broken or and the least minimised.

Having an understanding on why, how and when people become violent, you can negotiate situations differently. You can predict how and when a situation will turn violent, allowing us to either avoid it completely, de-escalate it to a point where physical violence is no longer a threat, or ensure it never escalates to a situation where violence is an option. The ultimate goal is to never have to use your physical defence skills, but that doesn’t stop us from practicing, role playing and training our physical self defence skills and techniques.

Can you expand a bit on your martial arts and stunt background? What attracted you to the field?

My aunty was Australian Karate Champion, she was my initial inspiration to begin training. She has always been a strong, empowered, and fierce lady. Well that and my love for Bruce Lee movies as a teenager. I started in karate but after a few years I also added Mauy Thai to my training regime. While I adored the structure, discipline, and tradition of Karate, it was the simple brutality, efficiency, and flow of Mauy Thai that appealed to my teenage angst… he he. I continue to train in both both karate and Mauy Thai until I reached 2nd degree black belt in both forms. My love for martial arts then turned into my career, as both a stunt performer, fight choreographer, and trainer for live stunt shows, film and television.

What is the advantage to participants in having female instructors?

What “works” for the female body is very different to what works for a male body. As females we understand what it is like to face a stronger, heavier opponent that has longer reach. We know the emotions you will face during a physical altercation. Instead of sympathy you will receive empathy from our trainers, and a true understanding of what it feels like to be a woman in a physical altercation. We have trialled, failed and trialled again until we find techniques that actually “work” for us as women.

How long as AP8 Fierce Females been running and who are some of the other folks involved?

We only opened our doors in April 2016, so we are not quite 1 year old yet. I developed the program over 12 months with the help of psychologist Dr Sharon Mackenzie. As well as loads of information from Gold Coast Domestic Violence Prevention Centre. Our team is just starting to grow, with two amazing new trainers coming on board this year, to ensure we can offer courses everywhere we are wanted, covering the whole of Queensland. Our plan, is to offer our courses to every school is Australia, breaking the cycle of domestic violence before it even starts in the next generation.

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