Filling in the blank: Kate Leopold

Christie Ots asked Kate Leopold about the ins and outs of being a musician on the Gold Coast.

– – – – –

There is definitely a community on the Gold Coast for artists. I’ve found it really supportive, you just have to be able to network and find connections. You have to be determined, but also follow your intuition, and see where that leads you.

A lot of things our band have done have come to us, so we’ve been really lucky. This year we’ve been in the recording studio with Scotty French at Love Street Studios, we’ve had Mik Easterman from The Lamplights playing drums – which has been amazing. We’ll be releasing an album at the end of this year, we’ve got ten tracks down so far, so it’s been really exciting. Just jamming and playing with people who you aspire to really makes you feel part of one big musical community.



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