Film Review: Brothers’ Nest

After a 12 day film festival featuring laughs, tears and everything in between, we couldn’t think of a better film to close the 2018 Gold Coast Film Festival than ‘Brothers’ Nest’. This black comedy is the newest project from Australian comedic icons, Clayton and Shane Jacobson. The brothers made a name for themselves in their indie, off-beat comedy, ‘Kenny’, released over ten years ago and earning over $7.5 million at the Australian Box Office alone. But it became clear only a few minutes in that ‘Brothers’ Nest’ was unlike anything we had seen from the Jacobsons before.

After two brothers, Terry (Shane Jacobson) and Jeff (Clayton Jacobson) prepare for the death of their ill and elderly mother, they realise that their beloved childhood home and property is to fall into the hands of their stepfather, Roger. The boys hatch a plan to take Roger out of the equation. However, things don’t quite go to plan, with many obstacles getting in the way of Terry’s fool-proof plan for the ‘mistake free’ murder. ‘Brothers’ Nest’ takes you on a wild ride of angst, death and brotherly love.

In an interview with Blank last month, Clayton mentioned that the film was shot completely in sequence, something he, as a director, had never experienced before. The cohesive nature of the creative process was mirrored on screen, with systematic chaos being the key to the entire story. The story and shot progression was beautifully timed and sequenced, beginning as an innocent bike ride through a field, ending with fire, corpses, and a horse.

Clayton’s directing is to be sincerely credited, with all aspects of the film fitting perfectly with the overall aesthetic and atmosphere. Performances from all actors were perfect; Shane especially showing vulnerable sides of his aptitude as an artist that audiences had not been exposed to before. Kym Gyngell’s performance as the unfortunate Roger is impeccable, making you yearn for him to stay and rooting for his survival, tugging at your heart strings and forcing your hands up to your eyes.

This film is something that Australian audiences have never seen before, taking your run of the mill family dramas to new heights. After ‘Brothers’ Nest’, you will never think of a family blue the same again.

‘Brothers’ Nest’ is in Australian cinemas on 21 June. You can find out more about the film here.



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