Film Review – Cluster

Starring Craig Anderson, Noa Dean, Dane Reynolds, Jack Freestone and many many more… Kai Neville, you’ve done it again!

Following up from instant surf classics like Modern Collective, Dear Suburbia and the Jordy Smith biopic, Bending Colours, Kai Neville has proven he’s still got the goods with his latest film, Cluster. Banging home that sharp staccato beat of raw energy, combined with an all-star cast of professional free-surfers, this film has all the earmarks of what’s to be expected from Kai’s camera wizardry. Neville’s strength lies in his ability to capture both the imagery, and the sound of each cast member. Whether it’s Jack Freestone flawlessly tucking into perfect barrels to the iconic tune of Australian Crawl’s – Reckless, or Gold Coast local, Noa Dean high flying to a little David Bowie, there is one thing for certain, you couldn’t possibly fall asleep to the raw grit of this adrenaline fueled thriller of a surf flick. With tunes as varied as the surfers themselves, and a board-bag full tricks and triumphs, I look forward to seeing what’s next for this super talented young director.

Dare I repeat myself? Kai Neville, you’ve done it again!

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