Film review: Interstellar

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine

Bravo Christopher Nolan. Bravo!

Not since I was a 9-year-old boy watching Jurassic Park have I been so engrossed in a cinematic experience. Masterfully woven like a pair of new socks, Nolan has written this story with so much layered emotion and human depth, it’s impossible not to walk out of the theatre with a swollen heart and shorter fingernails.

Yes this is science fiction, but if you’re expecting lasers, warp speed, and far-fetched action scenes, you’re going to be disappointed. What makes Interstellar really work is the realism of space exploration, and our relationship to the dangers that accompany it.

Humanity is less than a century away from extinction. Not from a rogue, raging asteroid, or nuclear holocaust, but from Earth’s own fickle environment. Due to drastic climate change, food has grown scarce, and oxygen levels low. It appears man must leave the planet on a desperate search for a new home… Enter Matthew McConaughey, playing ex-NASA test pilot Cooper, who leads a four-man crew to the far reaches of our solar system where a wormhole has been discovered to contain planets most likely to sustain human life

While this story sounds like it’s been told many times before, trust me, we’re talking about Christopher Nolan here. He hasn’t let us down yet. Not with a plethora of greats like – Inception, The Prestige, Memento, and The Dark Knight series to launch off, this film triumphantly reinvigorates science fiction back to realistic plausibility, without relying solely on CGI gimmickry.

Truly a masterpiece of cinematography, the imagery inspires heavier breathing than a plumber in a pie shop, whilst accompanied by a gargantuan music score that would blow the fluff off a cappuccino!

If you miss Interstellar at the cinema, count this year wasted. Otherwise, you’ll just have to close the curtains, crank the woofer, and strap in for almost three hours of story telling wizardry on Blu-ray.

Again I say, ‘Bravo.’



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