Filming a clip in a hemp plantation? Welcome to Waxhead.

Surf-stoner-rockers Waxhead have gone where no other band has gone before. Right to the middle of a hemp plantation to film a video. We caught up with lead singer Froggy.

You’ve recently toured Japan, playing a couple of festivals over there – how is the Japanese festival scene different from ours?

All in all it’s pretty similar if you take away the language barriers and cultural differences. It’s just a bunch of people getting down to some sweet live music. However selfies are more common by a factor of at least ten and instead of shoeys they sometimes form a circle, shake their booze and shower themselves in beer. The biggest difference would have to be the day after the festival, the Australian festivals usually turn into a dilapidated wasteland of all sorts of filth and grime where the Japanese festival site is so clean you could eat fresh sashimi off the ground without batting an eyelash.

Tell me about your video with Afends and Surf Stitch?

We took the red eye flight from Tokyo to the Goldy cleared customs and drove straight west for hours to somewhere past Toowoomba where no green things grow and its just grey dust and cattle as far as the eye can see. All of a sudden a spot of green was seen in the distance growing gradually as the minutes passed, the whole time we were thinking ‘na it couldn’t be’ even as we were pulling in we were in disbelief until we were driving straight over 6 foot hemp plants with the most mouth watering fruity fragrance a stoner band ever did smell and we all knew we had finally arrived, this must be heaven.

Now that you’ve ticked ‘recording a video clip in a field of marijuana’ off your bucket list, what’s next?

Umm I still don’t know how that even happened let alone how to top it. Maybe if we could convince NASA to pick up the tab we could be the first band to play a show on the moon? I’ve always wanted to go to space, we would have to time it with a crescent earth that would make a pretty sweet background. Apparently there is a new rocket called the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and its only $5,167 per KG to send stuff to space, so four dudes, three amps, one drum kit and a nice generator and PA should be under 10 million according to  my dodgy google calculations. It’s a bloody bargain, they would be stupid not to do it

What’s the response been to your new EP?

The response has been good but its music after all and being universally liked is not the point of it. If we wanted everyone to like us we would take a leaf out of Miley Cyrus’ book and whip out our fiery biscuits.

This upcoming gig you have with GDFRNDS is your last Gold Coast show for the year. What’s on the horizon after that?

We’ve got a bunch of new songs, I think we’ll be hitting the studio hard before the end of the year. We’ve grown so much as a band over the years we’re just constantly chipping away at the art of songwriting, live performance and groove like all of our heroes before us.

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Waxhead join their GDRNDS stable-mates, Idiio and IVEY for one hell of a hoedown at Shark Bar, Saturday 22 October.



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