Fists of Fury

When you talk to 36 Crazyfists’ frontman, Brock Lindow, it’s like taking to an old mate from your school days. Laid back, welcoming and personable, he’s one of the nice guys of the heavy metal community. Engaging with fans on a social level, not only through means of live shows, but also through means of social media. Lindow and his bandmates have managed to combine a love of music and friendship to create a real sense of community within their fanbase.

36 Crazyfists humble beginnings in the small town of Anchorage, Alaska were where the journey started for the quartet. Through struggles and losses, the lads built themselves into a formidable force within the modern metal scene. Combining breakneck guitar work, jazz-esque drum techniques and Lindows signature mix of emotion driven melodies and brutal screams, they cemented themselves into metal history as a band that would turn the tide and fan bases of many genres.

While steadily releasing albums over the years, Lindow feels that their upcoming release, ‘Lanterns’ is perhaps his most personal album to date.

“We still have a hunger, a desire to keep making music together and thats whats important. I think we still have a lot to prove, not only to others but to ourselves to show we can get better”.

“I’m gonna keep on screamin’ into a microphone,” he chuckles. “We don’t know what else to do.”.

Brock’s passion for music also trickles into his radio shows, showing not only a passion for songwriting but also for sharing his love of music with his fans. Heading out on the road with the band is never an easy task, leaving family and friends for months on end.

“We love playing the live shows, and releasing the new music ‘into the wild’ so to speak. We just keep on rolling until it’s time to head home and write a new album” Lindow states. While the road traveled has not always been an easy one, new comer Kyle Baltus has definitely brought a ‘new blood’ feeling to their touring lifestyle.

“We’re very excited to head out on this tour with Kyle. He breaths a lot of new life into our band and has made our live shows a lot better than they ever were.  He brings a youthful energy and we have a lot of fun with him on the road” Lindow says.

The member list of 36CF has always switched up out of necessity, changing the lineup to keep the ‘broship’ (as it’s affectionately known) afloat. With bassist Mike Whitney departing the band in 2008 for personal reasons and then making his triumphant return in 2012 for the release of album ‘Time and Trauma’, and drummer Thomas Noonan leaving the band to pursue a career as an accomplished artist (i implore you check out his work, it’s magnificent), the brotherhood of 36CF has always shown that this is more than just a day job for Brock and the boys, this is their family. “I’d been playing in bands with Thomas for over 20 years. When he decided to step away from it and gave us the blessing to continue on without him, that was a big deal to us. It wasn’t an easy thing to continue on without him but he loves Kyle, and Kyle looks up to him so much as he’s one of his favourite drummers”.

36 have always taken their touring down to a more personal level, sharing drinks and good times with their legion of fans. It’s something that separates them from the other bands on the modern metal circuit. Warming up for their upcoming headline tour by supporting close friends Devildriver, Lindow states “we’ve been friends with the guys from Devildriver for such a long time, so it’s good that our first tour with the new album has been such a great one”.

When asked of the likelihood of an Australian leg of the tour, Lindow explains, “we didn’t get to come down for the last album which was really lame for us. We love the country there and have had so much fun over the years. So, i’m happy to say, in February, I believe, we shall be coming down”.

After a tumultuous few years of album releases, changing band members and personal hurdles and triumphs, it seems that Brock and the boys are back, bigger and louder than ever and ready to show the world just what 36 Crazyfists has to offer the metal genre. Do yourself a favour, grab their latest offering, listen to the back catalogue, and prepare yourself for what will be one of the greatest, most anticipated metal shows of early 2018. See you in the pit.

IMAGE (c) Bobby Bates Photography

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