Five Bands We We’re Frothing on Friday; Splendour Day 1

Splendour in the Grass 2017 is officially upon us and Emma Whines is going to be keeping you up to date with live reviews, Instagram updates, and anything else that might cure your fomo. Day one of the festival kicked off with a bang so it was hard to pick our favourites, but we decided to narrow it down to Five bands that we were frothing of Friday.

1.Vera Blue

Vera Blue was on the mix up stage at an early 1:30, which surprised me since she’s been absolutely killing it in the last year but fans did not let her down despite the early start and the tent was filled with people to witness a star at the very start of her career. Her angelic vocals and infectious attitude kept people cheering for the duration of the set and since her album was released just days before, there seems to be something a little special in the air. You could feel the pride from all her fans that another Australian artist is just as good, if not better than some of her international colleagues.

2. Maggie Rodgers

The girl who left Pharrell speechless after a masterclass at NYU and has been dubbed as his “Folk-Pop Protege” did not need any introduction. Taking the stage in a bright white and multicoloured jumpsuit with a cape attached at the back which she took advantage of regularly twirling around the stage, sending the crowd wild. Her Incredible vocals sound exactly like her album and her unique blends of pop, folk and electronic elements provided the perfect bed allowing her to shine. Rodgers is very energetic on stage which carries across into the audience and you can feel the great ~vibes~ and the boys she has with her fans.

3. Lil Yachty

Getting there a little later than expected, It was hard to squeeze my way into the totally full mix up tent but as soon as I was in there, it didn’t take long to feel the energy and get completely hyped. Joining the internet sensation,  Lil Yachty, on stage was his entourage which consisted of a hype man, and two MC’s. The variety that the other’s provided was perfect thought out and had just enough of himself where he didn’t look like he was hiding behind them but also used them for a leg up when you could feel the energy dying out. It was a really well constructed show that had just the perfect amount of charisma and charm but also had that edge where you had no idea what was going to happen next.

4. San Cisco

Upbeat, exciting and full of life, is the perfect way to describe a San Cisco set. The way they make the crowd feel an array of emotions in such a short space of time will always amaze me and they just keep seeming to refine and get better each time I see them. They have a seemingly girl next door vibe despite the lead singer being male but they rock it anyway with their only female member setting the rhythm on drums. They played oldies such as ‘Isabella’ and ‘Fred Astair’ but also kept their new fans happy playing singles ‘Kids are Cool’ & ‘Slow Mo’ from their new album.

5. Banks

Banks was my most anticipated artist of the whole of Splendour and she definitely did not disappoint. With backup dancers in tow, she commanded the stage like no other, swaying in a possessed manor suiting the first song she played ‘Poltergeist’. She was sultry, sexy and hypnotising and her fans responded accordingly screaming and carrying on like the aliens that she has dubbed them as. Her voice with her uniquely fast vibrato sung of heartbreak and loss but with the bass underneath it’s the perfect music to dance to.

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All photo credit, including feature, goes to Nadia Achilles

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