Five reasons to hit Surfers Paradise for Magdalena Groove this Friday

Quite by accident we found ourselves sharing a coffee with Magdalena Groove’s Regotron (bass) and his wife / band manager, Kitty. Reg shops himself around a bit – moonlighting in both Phil Barlow and the Wolf as well as Ivori.

Anyway, the conversation turned to Soul Sessions’ new Friday night slot at Waxy’s – with the inaugural event tomorrow featuring The High Grade and Magdalena Groove on the bill.

So we asked Mister Regotron to give us five reasons why you, Blank reader, should go to that gig. This is what he said:

  • Latino music is full of fiery passion and is guaranteed to get your hips gyrating (on and off the dancefloor).
  • It’s probably our last gig because our Colombians are going back home.
  • There will be tonnes of beautiful Latino people there doing their thing.
  • You will be supporting local music and seeing incredibly talented and passionate Gold Coast bands in action – plying their trade, just for you.
  • Magdalena Groove is not for the beige-minded, so come and inject some colour into your life.

There you go – straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, the bass-player’s mouth. You heard it here.

As well as wicked latino grooves from Magdalena, The High Grade, 2 DJs and a live art show will entertain. And the event will raise funds for West Papua so you’ll have a warm inner glow as well.

_ _ _ _

Soul Sessions | Waxy’s Surfers Paradise
Friday 8 May | The High Grade + Magdalena Groove

7.30pm – DJ DORING – getting the vibes flowing
9.50pm – LIVE PERFORMANCE ARTIST Anthony Pieters
10.20pm- THE HIGH GRADE A night to remember
12.30pm- DJ SKLERK + DJ DORING + Live Percussion

Get all the details at the FB event.

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