Focus on GC Youth

All creatives get their start somewhere.  The Arts Centre and Tweed Creative Studios are ensuring through their programming that opportunities exist for young artists to express themselves and learn along the way.

STAMP Celebrates Youth at the Arts Centre

From 7 to 16 April, The Arts Centre Gold Coast is hosting a new initiative for young people in collaboration with Circus Corridor and a team of local, young creatives. STAMP offers a smorgasbord of awesome for everyone aged 15 – 25 years with young people being encouraged to make their mark on the city and The Arts Centre Gold Coast itself, by partaking in a host of new events and programs. STAMP will provide a platform to catapult youth arts and local artists and allows participants to try new things, meet new people and socialise in a custom setting. The inclusive program is highly accessible, with many of the listed events being free. More at

Outlet for Tweed Creative Youth

Tweed Creative Studios has long provided workshops, events and open mic nights for both adult and youth creatives on the coast.  This year there’s a program touching on all of the above, including school holiday programs and after school tuition.  On the third Friday of every month, the studios put on a night of youth entertainment at which all aspiring performers get the chance to show off their skills via an open mic night.  The next Tweed Creative Youth Night is being held on Friday 15 April.  These events run from 7pm – 10pm.  More at

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