FOO FIGHTERS AUS/NZ TOUR – 4 Things You Must Know

So, there have been some cryptic clues about a Foo Fighters tour, right? After checking out Frontier Touring’s /somethingnothingoznz page, with references to the lead single off Foo Fighter’s upcoming album Sonic Highways, you’d be forgiven for thinking Frontier Touring were giving nothing away…or are they?

The competition, which offers two tickets to a ‘yet-to-be-announced tour’ is encouraging people to upload their  creative clues on social media with the tags #SomethingOzNz and #NothingOzNz .

So, what do we know? We scoured the Terms and Conditions very carefully and we reckon there’s a few assumptions you can safely make. Ready?

  1. The tour announcement will take place between 31 October And 3 November.
    The terms and conditions state that entrants must upload their homemade clues by 12pm (noon) on 31 October, which means that the tour couldn’t be announced before that time, otherwise making clues will be just that little bit too easy. The winner has to confirm their tickets by 3 November at 2.00pm, a measly 72 hours after being announced as the winner. Therefore, you can assume that for the winner to choose their preferred show, the tour will be announced by then.
  2. The approximate cost of tickets will be…
    $199. The terms and conditions state that the winnings of two tickets to their preferred show on the yet to be announced tour is worth approximately $398, including GST. This brings us to the next point…
  3. They are probably bringing Rise Against with them.
    The last time Foo Fighters toured Australia, their ticket prices for General Admission were around $145, a sizeable $54 lower than the approximate cost outlined by the terms and conditions. Therefore, you can expect a larger band to be touring with Foo Fighters throughout Australia and New Zealand. According to Soundwave’s own AJ Maddah, Rise Against will be touring Australia twice in 2015, once supporting a band and again headlining their own tour. Rise Against, who have enjoyed large success internationally, would have to be supporting a mammoth sized band for it to truly be a support slot.
  4. A waiting list on Ticketek has opened for Foo Fighters Australian tour news.
    While a waitlist doesn’t confirm a tour (See Paul McCartney’s long living waitlist), a waitlist appearing in conjunction with a promotion does mean that Australia is definitely seeing world favourite Dave Grohl and his buddies within the next twelve months. Check out the waiting list here, and keep up to date right here on Blank GC.

That’s all we know for now, and we will keep you up to date as #SomethingNothingOzNz rolls on. For now, bask in the happiness that Foo Fighters are coming back to say hi to their Australian friends once again.

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