Prepare yourselves, rock fans. Taylor Hawkins’ side project of sorts ‘Chevy Metal’ is playing a surprise set down at Snapper around 4:30pm Friday March 6 to help celebrate the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro leg of the Surfing Championship.

The set isn’t just for fun however, with the band using the show to promote awareness for the Mauli Ola Foundation, which assists sufferers living with Genetic Diseases. Choice songs from their last set in California ranged from covering The Knack to an incredible taste of Under Pressure from Queen, which actually made its way onto the Foo Fighters’ setlist for their Sonic Highways Tour. I managed to catch the band on their Suncorp Stadium show, and boy were they good. Their 25 song set consisted of a brilliant mix from Foo Fighters’ albums both new and old, even jumping back to Big Me & This Is A Call from their debut album, which Dave Grohl recorded by himself.

Chevy Metal’s last gig was in the Californian city Costa Mesa for its 60th Birthday, and even thought it is technically Hawkins and Shiftlett’s side project, Dave Grohl did of course make an appearance on stage with the band. Considering that the entire band is still in Australia until their final gig Sunday night in Perth, I’d wager that Hawkins and Shiftlett aren’t going to be the only official Foo Fighters members taking the stage at the surfing competition.

This might be Kelly Slater’s last run in the world surfing competition, but that doesn’t mean that it will be end of Slater working. He dropped a single mid last year, and he proved that he isn’t just a surfer, by any means. Whether we see Kelly Slater return to Australia to tour a new album or EP remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that we will hear more from him in the future. I reviewed his single, Feelin’ the Feelings, here.

I don’t think we will see Slater jump up to front Chevy Metal at Quiksilver, but we could see  some of the setlist below, which was from their last show as mentioned above. Also rumoured are some covers of The Police as well as Black Sabbath. We’ll see you tomorrow! REPEAT- 4:30PM @ SNAPPER ON FRIDAY MARCH 6!

Chevy Metal @ Costa Mesa’s 60th Birthday (In No Particular Order)

My Sharona – The Knack
Miss You – The Rolling Stones
Turning Japanese – The Vapors
Panama – Van Halen
Under Pressure – Queen
Hurts So Good – John Mellencamp
Some Like It Hot – The Power Station
You May Be Right – Billy Joel
Ain’t Talking About Love – Van Halen
Stay With Me – Faces

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