Food Review: Borough Barista

14 The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the days become longer, the heat starts to rise and the call of the beach is undeniable. Sitting on the bar overlooking the beach at Borough Barista you are so close to the surf that you can hear each wave crash and smell the salt on the breeze as you sip on your caffeinated beverage of choice. Clearly this is heaven.

A Burleigh Heads staple for the past couple of years, the famous yellow bench at Borough has seen many locals and casual beach goers stop by to grab a coffee or a tasty meal from the brief, but enticing menu. For those looking for a drink or treat to grab and go, Borough has you covered with a fridge filled with raw treats, cold drip coffee and cold pressed juices.

Owners Liz and Dean are also the folks behind the hugely popular Barefoot Barista in Palm Beach with both cafes having a similar relaxed vibe, excellent customer service and great coffee.

With single origins rotating monthly, Borough’s house coffee is the Story blend, a combination of Ethiopian, Sumatran, Columbian and Rwandan sourced beans that make for a sweet and balanced coffee. The espresso is my favourite way to experience the Story blend as its aroma is a beautiful combination of nuts, cream and chocolate, whist its flavour is rich with sweet berries and a punch of acidity ending with a delicate floral note. As it was a hot day how could I pass up an iced long black with its juicy and sweet flavour that is bound to satisfy after a morning down the beach. By comparison the cold brew, which has had time to let the flavours develop more deeply, has an incredible creamy vanilla scent and a deeper, more complex taste of berries, dried fruit and mild nut. For the lactose lovers out there Borough also has a milk based cold brew that I would highly recommend you try. If you like your coffee hot, the Borough latte has a big caramel scent and a mild, sweet caramelised berry flavour that makes for a pleasant drink.

Open 5am to 2.30pm seven days a week don’t be shy if you’re nearby, come straight off the beach in your togs for an awesome feed and coffee. The yellow bench awaits you!

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