Food review: Coffediction

Southport Central, 56 Scarborough Street, Southport, Ph: 07 5661 7948

Coffediction’s location and menu could not be further from owner Jonna Nurkkala’s homeland, Finland. Leaving behind a chain of five hairdressing salons she’d started when aged 19, Jonna set herself a challenge: to come to Australia, learn English, gain an MBA and start another business here.

Within three years she has achieved all those goals, graduating from Griffith University in July 2017 and opening Coffediction in Southport Central in November.

“The idea of Coffediction is to offer food that people are familiar with, but to present it in a new ‘sexy’ way,” she tells us, brimming with enthusiasm. I want to bring the ‘Wow!’ factor back to food.”

With sexy names such as Delish Fish, The Pig Out, Lamb Betty, The Mediterranean Chick and Hello Big Boy, they’re a balanced meal on a plate bound to satisfy the hungriest diner.

There are lots of smiles around us as well when the food emerges, jaws dropping, people smiling, exclaiming in wonder at their delicious meals. Served with a basket of beer-battered chips, the Boozie Beef Burger, for example, contains a large Angus patty marinated in Guinness, piled into a brioche bun with bacon, mozzarella, salad and smoky BBQ jus. At $24, it’s a challenge to get your mouth around, and the taste is superb.

“I’m so proud of the quality of our burgers. Flavour wise and visually, they’re just what I wanted,” Jonna says, a smile on her face.

While a great burger makes a satisfying meal, a crazy shake makes a party!

Who can resist a Caramel Kraze topped with caramel cookies, pretzels, milk chocolate crush and berry sauce, a Cookie Dream or the Berry Majestic with marshmallows and candy crush?

There’s also a full breakfast menu available from 7am daily that will be a welcome addition to Southport’s present offerings, and a range of mains such as BBQ pork ribs, Meatballs, Caesar salad, and Peppered beef that provide burger-alternative dining.

The delish Chicken Parmigiana ($22) I order is two sumo-sized chicken fillets topped with a homemade tomato sauce and melted Swiss cheese. Served with chips and leafy salad, the meal’s large enough to fill my hunger pit for two full days!

But who could go past dessert? We’d been introduced to soufflé pancakes in Hawaii, even before Harajuku Gyoza brought them to the coast on trial. Based on the Insta-viral dessert made famous by Gram Café pancake chain in Tokyo and Osaka, now Coffediction has their own version of the wobbly pancakes on the permanent menu, Chef Scott turning out three huge fluffy pancakes smothered in chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces with ice cream and cream to top it off. They’re deliciously airy and light, a great dessert to share (if we must)!

From breakfast to dinner, and snack to main course and dessert, shakes to a wine or beer, Coffediction is a great addition to Southport’s dining scene.

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