Food Review: Larder, Burleigh Waters

1/3 Classic Way, Burleigh Waters Ph: 5568 0947

“Perverted tastes,” says the Main Squeeze as he tucks into a Big Brekkie. He’s shaking his head dismissively at my mound of kale.

Not many people love a green breakfast as much as I do. Tabouli and tapenade on toast used to be my favourite morning plate a few years ago…that was until I discovered the kale, avo and seed combination.

Not many of you share my passion for green mornings, for clean, fresh and salty. You’ve told me via Instagram: sugar is still your queen!

‘Each to their own’ is my mantra. Whether you have a quirky obsession about particular dishes or the way you like to eat them, we all have our own perversions.

Straddling both sides of the culinary fence, Larder’s one stop menu caters to your every desire. Well almost! What it does bring is an innovative approach to naughty and nice, meat and sweet, paleo and vegetarian…as well as great choices for the rest of us!

With a menu divided into Bread or Bowl, your first decision is ‘To bread or not to bread’ That is the question.

Then follow your taste buds.

So you think you have strange tastes? You want Cornmeal crusted soft shell crab for breakfast on a bed of Vietnamese salad and mayo? How about a Soft serve cookie sandwich for a snack with lunch? You can be righteous for brekkie with a jar of Chai chia pudding in the morning (8) then have Fried chicken (14) with hand cut bad boys (5) for lunch! Who’s to know?

“Look! You’ll be in grass heaven,” the other half points out a menu item to me. It’s crumbed zucchini on a bed of mint, crushed pea, feta, chilli and watercress salad laced with garlic yoghurt. I’m onto it! Sitting pretty in a metal pannikin before me, it’s a green feast. I already know they’ll be the best hand-sourced local ingredients, but there’s a delicate and exciting balance of textures and flavours achieved through new combinations. Clever!

He’s heading for a slab of Crispy Byron Bay bacon, egg and avo sandwich. Trying so hard to get his lips around it, he misses the lettuce peeking out to greet him. I smile. Hide the greens well enough and he’ll eat them anyway.

There’s a New Zealand born quirkiness to Larder that we see too little of on the Gold Coast. The edginess that’s brought us donuts shot with a syringe of salted caramel in the past is continuing to create new dishes and fresh approaches.

Innovative cuisine washed down with local Pickled Pig ciders and Stone & Wood ale. You won’t be chained to the table of righteousness with Larder’s menu, but there’s plenty of goodness to be found if you choose.

No, I’m not talking ‘Fifty shades of Grey’. More like 15 new shades of black and white. And there’s more to come…

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