Food review: Max Brenner @ The Strand, Coolangatta

Residents and visitors to Coolangatta are well aware of the ongoing refurbishment to The Strand shopping mall. The exciting news… it’s almost finished. The cherry on top… the biggest Max Brenner store in the universe (speculation, not fact).

I was privileged to take a friend for her birthday celebrations to this establishment on opening day. I tried explaining during the ride there that you can get a cup of melted chocolate to drink. A range of thickness to choose from. Watching someone try and contemplate this and concentrate on driving down the highway at the same time is quite a treat.

We are guided by the super friendly staff to a beach-front balcony table. I’ve never been so disinterested in an ocean view at dusk as I bury my head in the menu. My friend ums and ahs where I have chosen immediately. I shall be dunking my personal favourite (cheesecake) into a tub of melted chocolate. The menu insists that strawberries be included. Whatever. I ate some fruit last week.

Max Brenner 2 WEB

As my friend guiltily browses the menu I sit back and soak in the enormity of this establishment. It really is massive. I imagine the place heaving of a busy weekend lunch over the summer holidays. Wow… so many people and so much chocolate. What happens when the kids find out this place exists? I remember being quite the pest when it came to being rewarded with summer timetreats. I wonder how many tantrums this place shall trigger.

I’ve almost forgotten that it’s my friend is with me. I have definitely forgotten it’s her birthday. Is it because I’m rude? No. It’s because chocolate… that’s why. Than kyou Max Brenner you lovely bald man. I will be back.

Andrew Scott

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